Cortez Fired

Was not expecting this:

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The Hamilton Tiger-Cats announced today that George Cortez has been relieved of his duties as Head Coach and Director of Football Operations.

“After a thorough evaluation of our organization and our goals moving forward, we have determined that a change in direction is needed,? said President Scott Mitchell. “We want to thank Coach Cortez for his contributions to the Tiger-Cats and wish him well in his future endeavours. We will immediately begin the search for our new General Manager and Head Coach.?

The Ticats also announced that as part of their longstanding agreement with Bob O’Billovich, he has been offered a position within the organization as a consultant to the President and the Football Operations staff.

“Bob has done a very good job of bringing competitive football back to Hamilton and we look forward to working with him for many years to come,? said Mitchell.

This has absolutely made my day! I don't care if the team goes 1-17 next year, I feel I can be a fan again...

Didn't see that one coming, I mean without an OC he still made the Cats the best Offence in the league. Granted the defence was a complete write off. Well....looks like Greg Marshal or LaPol might get another crack at the job.

I would’ve expected a move like this closer to the end of the season. I guess since they were mum on the subject after the season leading up to and after the grey cup, no reports of them talking to anyone during the grey cup, it seemed like they were going to give Cortez another year. Especially since they are probably on the hook for what, another 2 years at a probably pretty high salary which they would’ve needed to coax him to come back from his NFL job with the Bills I think it was? Am I wrong on that? Also it seems like their biggest problem was injury and other personnel issues on the defensive side of the ball which really wasn’t his specialty. Oh well, on to the next. It will be interesting to see who goes after/gets that job with the team relocating next year out of Ivor Wynne to guelph, maybe a game or two elsewhere. Will be a bit of an added challenge for a first year HC, me thinks.

....WOW....that's a shocker...I don't think Cortez really got enough time...His offence put up some decent numbers and i thought the defence was more the problem because of lack of recruiting...I think there has to be more than this...Big move considering your no 1 qb. (burris) came on board because of Cortez...I think Henry is going to be more than a little po'd at this move....He has to be wondering who his next coach is going to be as is the rest of the league....Who could be brought on board?... Brings a new meaning to ' starting all over again...again and again...Good luck with this mess cat fans :roll:

Burris came on board because he was traded there was he not?

It's understood that Burris and Cortez were a package deal - we probably wouldn't have had one without the other. The question now is whether Burris will be looking for a trade.

Personally, I don't understand this move. The Ticats lost five of the their games this year by a total of 13 points. Any of those games could have gone either way, and with a decent defence, would probably have been Ticats wins, putting them near the top of the league. And for this, the head coach and offensive coordinator gets dumped. And with Obie moving upstairs and Creehan going to Winnipeg, the Ticats now have no GM, no HC, no OC and no DC. One step further behind where we were last year at this time.


When is someone going to "evaluate' Scott Mitchell? Cuz I think that's long overdue.

I believe you are right, Burris was traded before they even got a chance to talk to Cortez. The Ticats had to wait on the NFL season to finish last year to get permission to talk to him.

......Going back to last year ,it was common knowledge that Burris was waiting for Cortez to sign on with Ham.... I'm pretty sure Henry said okay when he knew Cortez was going to be the man.....Although a player of less stature than Henry, couldn't dictate where he would end up, you can be sure it was worked out with Huffer and the stamps that he would be 'comfortable' going to Ham IF Cortez was going to be the head honcho ... A mutually agreed to trade you might say...Everyone was quite aware of that fact...I wonder if Burris is feeling that comfortable now.. :wink:

Burris didn't have a choice in the matter. Hamilton was the only place where he could go and be a starting QB. could be right...but Henry did ASK for a trade after he had a good inkling that Cortez was going to be the man in Ham....All water under the bridge in any case...We all know Burris and Cortez , if not buddies, had a mutual admiration thing going :wink:

It is a shocker, I would have thought that another year would have been given to George.
As for a replacement, I can't think of anyone better than Dave Dickensen.

He's already stated that he's not looking for a HC position for the upcoming season.Other possible HC candidates?Or Gm candidates for that matter since that's going to be addressed first.
Is Jim Barker still available?
Obviously Eric Tillman is..
Danny McManus get's promoted from the inside maybe?

Had to be a little more to this not sure what though. both he and Milanovich came into the season as HC and OC. Milanovich made the quick move after the season to hire an OC and state that he would be easying his way out as play caller and more of a head coach. Cortez did give any indication of this leaving the team without a HC next season as being the OC is a full tie job in itself.

How about Ego Jones to run the show in Hamilton?

With 11yrs in the CFL you have to wonder why he hasn't gotten a HC offer with all that experience.

Scott Milanovich - - HC job after 6yrs in the CFL
Cory Chamblin - - HC job after 7yrs in the CFL
Paul LaPolice - - HC job after 10yrs in the CFL
Kavis Reed - - HC job after 10yrs in the CFL
Mike Benevides - - HC job after 12yrs in the CFL

Ticats are in an awkard position. They bulit this team to make a one maybe two year run at a Grey Cup and it blew up after a 6-12 year. They have such a young and or in their prime roster (Fantuz, Walker, Gigure, Grant) You bring in Burris's old pal and it looks like a sure thing. Now what happens? Yes Burris had an amazing year statistically but you bring in a new GM and Coach are they better off bringing in a young QB and make this a full rebuild?

Yeah, the ideal situation for Hamilton would have been for Cortez to just run the offence and step aside for a new HC.

What does this do for the CFL's leading offence? Not much, that's what. Impossible to think a new OC is going to put up more points than Cortez did this year.

The biggest issue was the defence - - why not just bring in a new DC and give Cortez one more chance, except this time with a defence that could actually make a few stops?

I agree there must be more to this as it really has come out of nowhere. They could have brought Marshal in as the DC and add the title of Assistan HC and the extra salary to go with it as they would have the money to do so without having a OC to pa on the coaching staff.

If I were the new Ticats GM, I'd hire:

Paul LaPolice - Head Coach - He may have some deficiencies but he did get the Bombers to the Grey Cup in 2011. He should be able to get the Ticats off to a running start with little "learning" curve or few questions about him being able to handle the job. He's proven he can do that and is perhaps wiser about areas he needs to improve on as a head coach. A safe choice, especially in the short run.

Greg Marshall - Defensive Coord. - With his experience as a CFL DC, there is little doubt he could field a competent defence next season that would give the team a chance to win. A safe choice, short to mid-term.

Craig Dickenson - Offensive Coord. - This one is a surprise. It's going out on a limb but I think he's a "hidden gem" and would make a terrific OC in the CFL. Somebody will give him a chance at some point, the Ticats could be ahead of the curve here. Could be future HC candidate. Hopefully a good choice, mid to long-term.