Cortez as head coach??

....Walters is in Regina today, interviewing Cortez and Khari for the head coaching job...Hmmmm..seems the green guys are getting their panties in a bunch thinking that Cortez is about to bail on them...Definitely if we offer the hc gig to him, he'll be looking at them in the rear view mirror...Even if he doesn't get hired here, apparently Wally on the coast has asked for permission to talk to Cortez for the oc job there.... Seems George is becoming very popular...Thinking about his performance in Ham. has me a little worried if he is hired here as head man...He didn't fare too well there...however he regained some credibility when he guided the riders last year...I know he's a damned good O co-ordinator BUT will he be able to carry that into a head coaching position again?????Are we willing to take the chance.???..Khari is also being interviewed..don't know for what...either HC or OC?? or both....Things are starting to heat up considerably and I hope we have our people in place soon least before the new franchise :roll:

Cortez as HC and Khari as OC? We could do worse.

Cortez got a raw deal in Hamilton. He ran a great offense, and was decent as a first-time HC. The problem was that the team had no defense and a very subpar DC (a certain Mr. Creehan you Winnipeg fans might remember :wink:).

Absolutely. He was fired so Mitchell could bring his buddy in, end of story. Worked out well for the Tiger-Cats and well for George who is getting his 1.6 million dollar deal or any shortfalls of that amount covered by the subsidized Tiger-Cats. He’d be a good fit with Burke too. Might even be able to keep him and save those coins. :thup:

Really? I thought that if the fired coach found another football job, the team that fired him was off the hook. But my knowledge of contract stuff is very minimal...

And yeah, if they can get Cortez in as HC/OC and bring Burke back for that veteran DC presence, Winnipeg could surprise a lot of people next year.

Cortez was working for the Bills and he got a four year bulletproof contract. Since no HC in the ten years of Bob Young's ownership were ever allowed to finish their contract he didn't want to take any chance. George is making 400k or the equivalent there of for another two years.

I'm not so sure about that. . .

Now that I completely agree with. It's what they expected and got. . . the guy's a superlative offensive coordinator, always has been, and proved it yet again in Regina this past season.

I don't concur there, and I suspect the majority of Hamilton fans would disagree (knowing of course how much fan opinions matter!). He seemed to have a real problem when venturing into areas outside his expertise, such as when to challenge a call and when not to.

To quote Duane Forde, "absolutely." If the Bombers were to hire Cortez as the head coach, they positively MUST get him a qualified, good defensive coordinator to run that side of things, otherwise we'll see yet another train wreck.

....Would Cortez and Khari work as HC/OC?? ''They seem to be following each other around...ham. to sask...They could have a very good working least it appeared that way in Regina...I see a problem with anointing Khari as the main man as he is a business partner of Wade Millers...Optics wouldn't be good orrrrr does it really matter...Could be fans would look at this as 'hiring a buddy' and not really paying due diligence...However it could work to every ones advantage as well...I think Cortez as head coach no matter if Khari came with him or not ,would be acceptable...In fact I would like the hiring BUT have to agree with everyone else.. retaining a vet DC like Burke in this case, would be a real bonus and possibly the only way this could end up being successful...O'Sheas name keeps popping up so there's definitely a lot to be settled however I think a final decision is in the offing soon... :wink:

From my recollection there were issues with his personality and his approach to players and the media. Mind you, Kent Austin isn’t media friendly either. I think he’s more suited as an OC and not the face of the team. Mind you, you have to give him credit for quickly dumping Creehan at the end of his season as the HC and recognizing the situation there wasn’t going to make the team better.

Right now personality is way down the list IMO. Cortez fixes the main problem of this team and probably fixes two if he brings Burris with him.

We get an offense and a QB who can't win a playoff game? Well, I guess it could get us to the playoffs, so there's that.

I think personality has to play in. Cortez by all accounts was wearing thin on his players after one season. Our next HC needs to be able to build the team and survive for the next 3, 4, 5 years. People were critical of the way Burke was in front of the media this year, does it make sense to hire another guy who has a similar problem?

Cortez stated he wants complete control of the roster, if he would accept a head coaching job again. I don't think Cortez will come here with Miller and Walters involved . Not saying Walters and Miller are doing a bad job, Cortez wants to bring in his players that he would want .

Cortez has been in the CFL for almost 20 years and this was the first we had heard of that. My guess and is this was driven by a couple players on the bubble or possibly the GM who was being pushed aside.

Wait, what? Burris won a Grey Cup in 2008 and just went to the final in 2013. He's more than capable of winning playoff games.

I don't quite understand. Burris has a winning record in post season action and he's the next best thing to Ray right now. If Burris isn't good enough...

Burris will be 39 when next season starts, think the Bombers have many better options available. First someone wanted Garcia, now Burris, why don't we just bring Dickenson out of retirement while we're at it.....

Has Marcel Bellefeuille even been considered for the head coaching job here? He seemed to be able to make some improvements to the terrible Offence here in Winnipeg. Can only do so much when with a team that has no real QB and a terrible Oline.

What are those better options ?

He wasn't successful as OC in Saskatchewan or Montreal; as HC in Hamilton he took them from terrible to moderately respectable, and I suppose he could do that here too. It seems he's also on Ottawa's radar for HC because of his roots there.

I'd prefer Cortez myself. He ran a much more exciting offense in Hamilton which is something we've lacked for years now, and with IGF to fill I think that should be a top priority.

Let's just be glad that there is an actual search going on.......and I'd take Cortez as a HC, he's the most experienced of the names I have heard to date.