Corry Holmes not 1st Team Work out

KR Corey was not at The 1st on Field Work out anyone know Why ?

He wasn't practicing but he did come in about halfway through the practice and stood on the sidelines. For a great Training camp report check out

[url=] ... 8980#38980[/url]

I wounder Why He was not Working out?

Thanks to Bgirl and Crash. :smiley:

Don't mention it WM. There should be lots of interesting Camp reports from all teams. Might be good to know how the other teams are shaping up and I think Crash gives a great perspective on things.

I check out the cflzone everyday just to see borehamgirl wink at me.. :wink: :lol:

Most of these people will have NO idea what you mean. lol.

Now that you mention it I think that's the case with all my

Thanks BG, i enjoy doing the training camp report over at cflzone, as much as I would like to put it on this site, i think some things should stay off the official site, and this would be one of them, cause im just a fan posting what i see.