Correction: Winnipeg/Edmonton game is on Saturday

Thanks backer@oldclarke for correcting that. I got a little carried away. It's Calgary playing against Toronto tonight.

I'm not holding my breath that Toronto is going to pull this one off. Calgary is just too strong. But who knows? Toronto might just surprise everyone. I'll certainly be cheering for Toronto tonight!

Never know about Toronto; Jyles is going to have a break out game sooner or later and it just may come next week against Edmonton too.

This is true @oldclarke. Let's hope it's tonight. If they can contain Cornish and Rambo they may have a chance. The thing is Calgary knows what's on the line. If I'm not mistaken Toronto is out of playoff contention but they can play spoilers and take pride in beating one of the best teams in the CFL- if they beat Calgary tonight.

That was satisfying, Toronto! Another Field Goal defeat for Calgary. Go Lions.