Correct me if I'm wrong....

...but I've heard Ticat and Bomber fans don't like each other very much...

I for one HATE them!!

This forum is going to explode...


You got that right red. There's no team I'd feel worse seeing my team lose to and no team I'd rather see us beat than the Ti-Cats. Game on gentlemen!


Clear enough for you?

I could care less about Ticat fans. But there sure seems to be a couple (everyone knows who they are) who live for the chance to put down the Bombers. I don't know if I blame them though, seeing as they have been slapped around by a superior Bomber team 3 times this year and about to be 1 more time

It is sweet beating a champion caliber team like the Alouettes with a future hall of fame QB and a team that never once quit. It will be even sweeter beating a bunch of overrated loud mouth no-talent bums like the Bombers.



Need we say more???

BTW R&W… you ARE a shit disturber…lol

And the couple show themselves!

But Killer and Nick haven't posted yet!

I for one HATE them!!

It's funny. Leading up to every game this season there were a few Ticat fans who would beak off about how the Ticats were going to destroy the Bombers and look how that turned out.

and Bomber fans would never put down the Cats............ :roll:

never really cared about you guys until ticat fans came onto our board and mouthed off, we kind of have a reason to chirp (blue have beaten you three times this season).

Another Bummer fan flapping his lips,what else is new?Us Ti Cat fans welcome a huge win in Winnipeg next week,we need it for our personal satisfaction at clamping up big mouth Bummer fans around the Globe. :smiley:

The best thing about the playoffs is these threads, followed by watching one side forced into shutting up afterwards. :rockin:

Pot meet kettle, you guys and your team are nothing but mouth pieces and don't back up anything. Stevie "healthy scratch" Baggs probably won't even be playing but he's still the best right :roll:

You inability to understand the nuances of import ratios speaks volumes about your understanding of this game... :lol:

Its almost baffling to think someone could be so clueless, simple english: baggs was sat in favour of Hickman want me to sound it out for you? Last time I checked hickman is american. Please come back when you know your own team at the very least.