Corporate loges

I didnt know they were doing this

As the Alouettes move forward with the completion of Phase II of the Percival Molson Stadium renovation project, the team is happy to launch the sales of the stadium's new permanent loges.

Located on the north side, these new suites will sit 16 people, and are perfect for hosting clients, executives, employees and friends in a luxurious and VIP environment while conserving the casual atmosphere of an outdoor stadium. The Alouettes are proud to offer this new and sophisticated hospitality opportunity.

• Completely furnished (couch, bar, small kitchen, dishwasher, fridge)
• Audiovisual system (37’’ flat-screen TV)
• VIP service with a hostess
• Complete menu (cost of food and drinks not included)
• Opportunity to customize the interior decoration (additional fees applicable)
• Elevator for quick and easy access to the loge level
• New bathrooms, exclusively for loge guests

Wow! Those look really nice!

No mention of a price.
They wont be cheap!

Anyone wanna go halfies? :lol:

As pretty as those are (and I would love to sit in one for just one game) I find myself enjoying games more when I'm closer to the field. For the past few years, my family can sometimes get tickets through my father's work. We sit in the Ouest Endzone in the CN section. This year, we were season ticket holders and sat in the cookie section. Back row, seats 24 and 25. I love games, and usually have a blast, but the seats we got this year were so much fun. During all 5 games I went to, any time someone had to kick a point after touchdown or kick a field goal, I stood up, with my arms stretched to the sky, trying to catch the ball. I never succeeded, but it was a lot of fun to try. And I have sat further up, in the CN loge way at the top with the other loges. It was cool to get free food and sit way up high, but I felt like I was missing something by not being as close to the action as I was used to. Still, these corporate loges look very pretty.

I love being both close and higher up
I went to 4 or 5 games this year....
North side, 35 yard line. 2nd row.

They are great when the ball is on that end
cant complain bout a view like this

but its frustrating when the ball in on the other end

2nd and 4, running play and you have no idea if he got 1 yard or 6. Thats the advantage being higher up

I totally understand where you're coming from. The problem with being in the middle of the endzone is you have zero depth perception. Luckily there were TV screens we could watch if the play was at the other end of the field.

Wow! Those sure are a pleasant surprise as from the rendering they provided, it seemed like the loges were going to be more of the same temporary/tent set up like they have had before. These look to be as good as you could expect from such a difficult site. The only question seems to be where the access to the loges will be since the area directly behind the stands is a road or parking when a game is not in session I believe. Perhaps that will have a new look as well when all is said and done.

The same problem exists with end-zone seats in other sports as well - hockey, soccer... Until the action is right in front of you, you have no idea what is happening further downfield.

Some stadia have accommodated for this by raising the level of the first row of end-zone seats, such as in Hamilton. This is also true of many NCAA and NFL stadia. However, football and soccer are sports where the atmosphere of the game can only be appreciated live and in person. The advent of giant screens also helps.

For some reason, most of the older CFL stadia don't have end-zone seats, while all of the larger stadia - Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and, to a more limited extent, Edmonton do. What I would like to see, however, is that ALL of the seats are filled to capacity ALL of the time.