Corny’s new contract extension details…

“ General manager and head coach Chris Jones signed Cornelius for two more years through the 2024 season. His new agreement includes a $106,500 signing bonus and $285,000 in hard money for the 2023 season.”

so did the Elk’s overpay?

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Not if he wins games for them, no.


well yes ok captain obvious lol. but it seems they are paying for untapped and unproven potential perhaps?

i probably should have mentioned something about relative to rest of league. i like Corny and it’s great to see new young talent be rewarded. signing bonuses like that usually aren’t given to guys with 9 games as starter unless maybe their last name is Rourke.

and i wonder what the plan is for Tre Ford

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i guess given the breakdown, looks like there’s incentives there regarding fitness, playing time, starting games, etc.

i hope he lives up to it. he’s a great runner, but i still think his decision making and passing are average.

Goes from $65K this year to almost $400K next year!
:+1: :moneybag:

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Corny has good size too. reminds me a bit of a young Streveler. he has NFL QB size.

He can learn those. You can't coach size and calmness under pressure

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yes! his throwing mechanics need work, especially on the run. i’m actually glad to see Jones commit to a guy rather than keep cutting and replacing players.

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Ford's pretty young. A year or two watching & learning would be good for him. Even he must have been surprised to have started games by now.


it’s great to see when teams work to develop their young talent. i hope they do keep him and develop him properly.


Based on 3DownNation, in 2023 Taylor Cornelius could earn a max. of $325,000, if all incentives met; in 2024, it could be a max. of $363,500. He won't have to worry about rate of inflation.


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I have seen improvement in him every outing. Just little stuff but mostly stepping up as a leader.
He seems to be able to put on a much better push to score on drives as he gains experience and with the exception of completion percentage (not totally his fault either as he has thrown to what, 22 different receivers) his numbers really put him about 5th overall in the league...and he didn't play until 5 games in.


Justin Dunk explained the Taylor Cornelius contract this way.

Dunk said $106,500 is a signing bonus that would count against the 2022 salary cap. Cornelius would then get an additional $238,000 for 2023. The later of course assumes Cornelius is on the roster the whole season. The incentives of the contract gives him $2,222.22 for every game he takes over 51% of the snaps for a maximum of $40,000.

So, the maximum Cornelius would get paid in 2023 & that would also count against the 2023 salary cap is $238,000 + 40,000 = $278,000. If you also count the signing bonus paid for in 2022, the amount given to him would be $106,500 + $238,000 + $40,000 = $385,000.

corny has serious break out potential. i would not be surprised if he has a big year next season if they also have team success.

also, i only call him corny because i always f*ck up spelling his name lol

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You did well with corny .... My word association and memory brings out the kid in me .....

Just like the QB name McLoed In Toronto I think of the cowboy detective riding a horse ...

When I hear Cornelius I think of Roddy Mcdowal on the planet of the apes .

When you really have a look through the QB stats, he's kinda there in a lot of ways. Yardage passing, yardage running, interception percentage, point scoring drives percentage, and a lot more. Considering the amount of time we have spent without top rated receivers and with low yardage per carry running backs, now that we added Brown - we are balanced on offence. 202 running yards and just under 240 yards passing last game.

That really starts to open up defences....


I don't know if someone's mentioned on this site yet, but it's suspected in more American rules-focused circles that this was to keep him from getting poached by the XFL again when they start up next year. I don't disagree with the logic necessarily, but Tre is obviously the guy of the future. I like how TayCo's improved over the past few weeks. I guess the final three games will be interesting now that the offense is gelling.

Still hoping to see a negotiations list made entirely of defensive players and offensive linemen in December, because that's where we need the most help by far. The defense has been what's doomed us this season, by and large.

that’s an excellent point about the XFL and i agree. i too also think Tre is the future but i hope they keep him and develop him the right way.

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