I know I have said it somewhere...I figured Cornish was retiring...sounding like a strong probability now. Gotta wonder what the odds are of Messam returning now.

Yeah I had a strong hunch that he was done. I guess no more blue moons at the Rider games. Seriously though tough way to end a career.

I dont really think Messam was coming back anyway, what without another National to backup in that spot.
Now for sure he wont be back IMHO, Stamps will want to throw money at him if Cornish gone, he perfect replacement

there is no "need" to have a direct NI backup for just makes things a little easier. Getz never had a direct backup for years...didn't see them cut him or anything. IMO what they need to do is devlop a Canadian FB who can get some real touches now and then to help out with the job.

Andre Lalonde just finished last season with U of S Huskies. I don't know if he is draft eligible but I don't think so......

He went to Rider camp 2 yrs back and then returned to Huskies. I always felt the Huskies under used Lalonde but it was explained to me that he wanted to develop his blocking in order to take a run at CFL.

He is a load at around 240 and he's quick. Also has good hands.

Just saying............if he can't be drafted maybe Riders have him neg listed or something like that? He might not be the answer but we need more out of Matt Rea and Spencer Moore.

Yeah, pretty good name to pop in there, and I totally agree. I thought he was eligible, but perhaps not. I think he has done 1 junior and 3, maybe even 5 CIS…he should be at his limit I would think…I think he is like 25 now. I know he also played some WR so he could end up being the McHenry type of player, which is always needed…seems worth a look.

It has always driven me a little nuts that the FBs don’t get more looks. A lot of these guys are solid backs and simply moved to FB to improve their odds of making the CFL…not like NCAA where FBs are very one dimensional. Neal Hughes looked great when he finally got some touches…you find a guy who can even do 4 carries a game and it keeps Ds on their toes and helps develop a contingency back of a National goes down mid-game. I think you still want to have an international on the roster, just because they come cheaper and you want a guy who knows the system JIC.

I have always also been of the mindset, in most things, that you want to buck what other teams are doing so that people have to prepare for you a lot differently than they do for others. This is an easy wrinkle to add in. Further, I would go away from the gun now and then with 2 backs behind the QB…something no D sees any more.

Was never a big fan of Cornish’s…but since he is retiring a guy can throw him bouquets. He ran hard, all the time. That is a nice feature in any RB. He was smart…stepped into his blocks.

But I am glad the donkey is going bye bye.

Tough that he has to step away now. He likely had 1-2 good yrs to go. But given his head health I think this is a pretty smart move for him to make. Shea Emry is likely not far behind.

He has officially retired. The writing was on the wall...he was just becoming too susceptible to head trauma. Major kudos to the man...he easily could have stayed on for another big pay day, but he knew it was time...before the compounding was too much. With a solid career outside of the game...good decision. Won't be the last of him, just the last in pads.