Cornish to play for CFL’s Calgary Stampeders

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I believe that Cornish will sign with the Stamps this season... He has told "the media" that if he did not get drafted that he will come to the CFL...

Former Kansas University running back Jon Cornish is turning down multiple NFL undrafted free-agent offers to join the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.

The Stampeders drafted Cornish in the second round of last year's draft and retained his rights. Since Cornish went undrafted in the NFL Draft this weekend, he'll head up north after finishing up his psychology degree in May.

"I'm going to get to relax a little bit," Cornish said of his immediate schedule. "If I was going to the (NFL), I'd be going to camps. But for the CFL I'm going to go up there in late May."

Cornish is a native of British Columbia, making him eligible for the CFL Draft a year ago. The Stampeders have kept in close contact with him in the last few months, sending representitives to the East-West Shrine Game in Houston and retaining strong interest in their local pick.

Cornish sounded upbeat about his decision. As for his family back in Canada...

"They're pretty excited," Cornish said with a laugh.

Big XII's leading rusher!

Note: This was confirmed by his brother in Vancouver at the site.

He might be something special as a running back in the CFL, you never know. If he starts, would the Stamps keep an import RB as backup?

They have Reynolds and Cates as well. If Jon comes in hot they may not keep Wes Cates but you never know. I heard today they would like to break Jon in slowly into his pro career. But my thinking is this guy will push for a starting spot.

Well considering this Kid is a special teams guy and has receiving ability Looks like he could fit into the backup RB spot.
Possibly going into 2 back formations.

Reynolds is a big guy who could be very good to lead block.

Or use Reynolds for PA and do a dump pass or Screen to Cornish.
The kid gives options, looks like a good pickup.

The kid has to learn the pro game first I would suspect they will keep Cates. We already have two back barnes where have you been. The kid will be a good one though.

well like all positions you go with the best you have out of camp.

Problem with Cates is he's an Import.
So he might be on the Active but not dressed roster, to save a DI spot.

Learn the game?
while there is a learning curve, he likely has alot better understanding of the canadian game then most americans who come in at RB.

Thus why backing up the RB spot + playing special teams is a good first year role for him.
Don't go full 2 back set game 1 of the Season, especially not with the amount of money Calgary has invested in their Receiving core.
But moving to a 2 back set more as the season moves on works.

Cornish is a Canadian, a Canadian with lots of talent a good reason to get him on the field however possible.

[b]Cornish chooses Calgary
UPDATED: 2007-05-01 02:47:12 MST

Kansas rusher signs with Stamps rather than take an NFL offer


Jon Cornish could have left the Kansas Jayhawks for big-league football destinations such as Chicago, Carolina or Kansas City.

Instead, the record-setting college running back is coming to Calgary, spurning free-agent offers from the No Fun League.
Cornish signed with the Calgary Stampeders yesterday after not being selected in the NFL draft over the weekend.

Calling it a "dream come true," the New Westminster product will suit up for the team that picked him in the second round of last year's CFL draft.

"I'm Canadian through and through," said Cornish from Lawrence, Kan., where he is finishing his psychology degree.

"My friends and I came up with a different acronym for the CFL: The Cool Football League.

"I will be an hour away from home and playing football. It will be great to be that close to my family again. They are really excited."

When the Stamps took Cornish with the 13th overall pick last year, it was a gamble.

He was heading into his senior season and had the potential to draw enough attention in the U.S. that he may never come back to Canada.

Cornish did his part to prove he could play, rushing for a Jayhawks-record 1,457 yards in 12 games this season.

His 5.8-yards per carry is also the best by a Kansas running back who had more than 200 attempts.

But he told the Stamps that unless he was drafted into the NFL, he would come to Calgary because he didn't want to just be training-camp fodder.

He stuck to his word and said he refused free-agent offers from eight NFL teams because he wants to play and should get a chance with the Stamps.

"Basically, (the NFL) is 12 months of work," Cornish said. "NFL teams know where you are 24/7.

"That's what I wanted to get away from in the U.S. I want to play and dedicate myself but I don't want football to become who I am."

Outside of the game, Cornish has a long-term goal of applying his degree to a job but he also has an alternate that may surprise some people.

"What I want my final career to be is a counsellor or ... a librarian," Cornish said. "I'm heavy into information. I call myself an information architect."

Cornish joins a talented backfield in Calgary with imports Joffrey Reynolds and Wes Cates and Canadian fullback Cory Hathaway.

Cates has an advantage in that he grew up playing three-down ball, has non-import status and has experience covering on specials teams.

The Stamps hold three of the top six picks in tomorrow's CFL draft and Cornish's signing gives them some flexibility going in. They can now take another player who may be a year away instead of looking for immediate help.

I thoroughly liked that article :smiley:

I liked the article too!

I think the Stamps have a very good prospect here. While I doubt that he'll knock off Reynolds right away, I think as RW2005 points out, he can learn the pro game and learn from Reynolds.

That article is cool for sure. :wink:

Its funny but Higgens just stated that on the radio. The kid will play but will need to bide his time. Wes Cates is another talented back as well with special teams upside. But Cornish is good at special teams duty as well. I am sure he will be an exciting player for the Stamps and when he is ready you will probably see him in the action. So if Jon wants it he will need to take it.

Negatives: Not a truly explosive runner and lacks physicality and determination in his running despite his size … Too often goes down to the first tackler … Struggled to get onto the field as a freshman and sophomore … Some wonder if Cornish is a product of Mark Mangino's offense.

Quite the catch !

Jealousy will get you no where he was the leader rusher in the Big 12 conference. He was a Canadian Running back which is primarily designated american. Only one Canadian got drafted as a RB Rueben Mayes. That is the only reason for him not being drafted. By the way he turned down 8 NFL team tryouts after not being selected. So keep it up the jealousy is eating you away.

Great article.
The kid sounds awesome and refuses to be training camp fodder in the No Fun League.
He is a proud Canadian loving the CFL.
We should all chear for him to make the team and become an impact player.

And I thought it was just a wedgie from my shorts.

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:cowboy: broke back bombers, the sequel !!!!! :thdn:

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We got the best in the league, even your owner thought so, tried but couldn't pry him loose. Now 05 it is you who are getting jealous.

Well some what I like McMahon stadium except they should get rid of old style seats. But yes a bit jealous on the stadium. But like I said the Bombers needed Asper. The good part of this is that Asper Global Media is now going to put lots more CFL news on their network. The Bombers will benefit big time with this move. Again now all your tema really needs is a GM.