Cornish out 6 more weeks

And Hebert got off with a fine.
No suspension.

There is no justice.

When blatant, the offender should be out just as long as the player he injured. A fine is indeed BS :thdn:

Oh, stop with the self-righteous drivel. Steve van Zeyl put J.P. Bekasiak out for six weeks with an injury that eventually led to his retirement. No fine, no penalty, because hey, when an O-lineman deliberately goes for a player's knee in the trenches, it's all good. :roll:

I'm sorry that Cornish is injured, but football is a violent game and it was a bang-bang play. Let's move on.

this is a bit misleading, the fact that Cornish is on the 6 game injured list does not mean he is necesarily out for 6 weeks. He can be activated off the list should the Stamps desire so he may not miss all 6 games. This was done partly to not include Cornish's salary in the Stamps SMS for the games he misses.

As for Hebert, he seems to be drawing attention for his 'shots' every game, he is quickly moving up the charts for the league bad guy.

self-righteous drivel???

Do you even know what that even means? This isn’t about me, as you post would suggest. A dirty, blind side head shot that leads to weeks of recovery and possibly career ending implications is not trivial as you suggest and offenders need to be handed more than a measly fine as was the case here. Yes football is a violent game even when played within the rules. Clowns like Hebert need to be handed stronger deterrents.

Yes, self-righteous is used incorrectly here.

I understand that “things happen” in a fast, violent game like football, but review the tape. Hebert’s method of tackling Cornish was to swing his forearm violently into Cornish’s neck/face. Not quite textbook tackling. I don’t believe they practice that during drills. Therefore, a dirty hit with intention to injure.

Regardless of whether Cornish was injured or not, a suspension was warranted.
The fact that the league MOP is now out for an extended period just rubs salt in the wound.

If he was on the IR is the start date for the 6-game IR “backdated” to when he went on the IR?

The start can be "backdated". The 6 game injured list will start with tomorrow's game. Mind you, he could be back before the end of his 6 game period but,if so, his salary when on that list will all go on/against SMS-Salary management system.


He already has suffered a set back and if he misses the 6 games, I think he could be done for the year? May be the wise decision , come back next year a 100%. Come back to early from a serious concussion and if he suffers another one this year it could end his career.

Another concussion could very well mean early retirement for Cornish which is becoming commonplace in today’s gridiron game.

Pro bowl WR Sidney Rice just announced his retirement at age 27 due to multiple concussions suffered during his career…

[u]Seahawks WR Sidney Rice retires because of concussions[/u] USA Today [url=] ... /13060401/[/url]

Smart guy to call it quits and not try and hang on. Probably indicates he saved his money.

This would never work imagine if if your star player hits some bench player and is deemed a dirty hit what’s to stop the team sitting the injured player for the whole year.

And as he has not played since week 1 (missed 2 games) he can be placed on the 6 game list retroactively, and come off of it after 4 weeks with no penalty to the team.

I’m not sure that is the case any more…I know it used to be. New Rules state you can not practice in the 1st 4 weeks of the 6 game now…so did he practice? Pretty sure he has. I believe it also the date placed on IRL now…though I am not certain on that. News articles say he is not eligible unto the Sept 6 game if he serves full 6 weeks.

Yes this is wishful thinking. Just pissed off. Concussions can happen easily enough, even with clean hits. It’s the dirty blindside cheap shots that anger me. It’s not as if the CFL is is over flowing with star running backs.

League MVP out. Cheap shot artist in. Seems ass backwards to me.

Listened to an interview with Cornish yesterday and he said that he could come off the 6 game list early if (in his words) he has a miracle recovery. I think that the play of Matt Walter will have a lot of influence on the decision. Walter, like Cornish is a National. if Calgary had to replace him with an international there would be greater urgency in getting Cornish back. So far the play of Walter has helped minimize the absence of Cornish while at the same time freeing up some cap space.

probably meant early with an exemption…or coming back and taking the cap hit. Teams are still allotted 2 exemptions and with his salary, if there is another injury or struggles and he is by chance ready to go he would be an obvious choice in using one of those. I know for sure he was practicing late last week. Teams are probably still figuring out how exactly to use the new system. The Argos have a couple guys like Owens that they would probably do the same. The Riders were stupid and should have done it with Getz…but he has returned to light practice so they can’t. Players can’t even watch practice for the first 4 weeks never mind participate.

I missed the game but caught the replays on Sports Centre. I was surprised he didn't get at least 1 game. But then this is the CFL, and no one gets suspended.