Cornish may be out for entire playoffs

it's a good thing the Stamps were able to pry Messam from the Riders..

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Unfortunate to hear. Concussions pile up. RT .@SUNMitchell
John Hufnagel on Jon Cornish: "Jon is not doing well." #CFL

That a career.. He is over 30,so that is the usual age a running back calls it quits.The CFL really needs to get its Canadian players out and playing sooner.. Cornish's career didn't really begin until he was 25. He should have been in his 5th season at that point

Concussions are the one injury that are tough to come back from. I think Cornish is smart enough to know when to call it quits, it's tough when you see guys like Buck Pierce and Dickenson stay in there too long and get a concussion from a nothing play.

If this is indeed the last we see of Cornish it wouldn't surprise me one bit. The man has played 9 seasons at arguably one of the hardest and the most short lived positions in football. Most running backs if they are lucky last on average perhaps 3-4 years. As the saying goes " Running backs are a dime a dozen" and to think that Cornish has been doing this for 9 seasons is truly remarkable when you think how many rbs have come and gone in this league in that span. Cornish is old by football standards at 31 but by basic standards still a very young individual who has his whole life ahead of him and doesn't need to prove himself to anyone. He has won a couple Grey Cups, numerous awards , rushing titles , All-Star team recognition and has done it all with the same team and organization for his entire career which is a rarity these days in pro sports. Nine seasons banging and clanging at his position is a lot of wear and tear on one's body and if this is indeed the end for him, then all I have to say is.....
Thanks for the Memories Jon and happy Retirement :thup: See ya in the HOF !!!

I think Cornish will be done, his age and now the concussion problems will be his demise. It was a quick ride for him, hope I'm wrong :cry:

Him leaving the game will be bad for the game no matter what team you cheer for. It's very rare that a Canadian can dominate at a offensive position. I wish there was better helmet technology that can help with concussions. It's amazing to see guys like Pringle and Pinball Clemons play for so long at a high level for that long.

Yeah, this might be Cornish's swan song. I hope not because he's a great RB, but he's getting hit in the noggin' a bit too much the past few seasons. Like many athletes now, you really need to think about your mental health for the rest of your life in such a situation.

Huffy pulls another coup out though in getting Messam at the trade deadline. He's really rumbling like a locomotive this season like his rookie year. Need that power back in the colder temps of playoff time. Stamps are also getting fairly healthy now (unsure of Charleston Hughes and Juwon Simspson status though for this weekend), but o-line held up very well all season despite countless injuries to them and really gelling down the stretch.