Cornish Flakes and others

I am pretty sure that the original Flutie flakes went to a foundation that helped in research for his son's disability.
I see that a % of these new Flake player brands will also go to a Charity foundation.
Are the players getting any kind of Compensation for endursing these products or does all of the profits go to Charity , the Teams, and the Co-Op brand???
I am all for charity but if the players are making a stand in the CBA having induvidual players getting endorsement pay for promoting these products.

Cornish Flakes eh? Sounds like regular Corn Flakes alright…

Not a huge Cornish fan since the 2013 player awards (if you were there you likely understand), none the less, it is great to see that these types of player integrations into marketting are starting to become more common and wide spread

Covering all of the Prairie teams in the west both Getzlaf and Durant SK along with Nick Moore WIN and Mike Reilly EDM.