Cornish concussed?

It looked like Cornish hit his head so hard on the turf that he was wobbly and has now left the field and headed for the locker room. Hope it is not something that keeps him out of the post season - but you just never know with head injuries.

I am totally bummed at this happening. Regardless of what happens this season, I think his career will be eventually shortened by repetitive concussion as per dunigan and dickensen.

It looked like a concussion. I don't know why they didn't just keep him out of the lineup til the playoffs with all the injuries he's had this year. Luckily for them they host the West final, so there's a chance he's back in 3 weeks.

The minute conditions got slippery. I would have pulled as many as my key starters as possible. BLM and Cornish for sure.

And now Mo Price is hurt too. This reeks of last year with Calgary getting a bunch of guys hurt with nothing left to play for.

All 12 fans in the stands were upset about it too.

Mr.Kus... If the rain was coming down like it was in Calgary today at any of your beloved NFL stadiums. The crowd would look identical.. Why not go join an NFL forum.. Heck.. Go join the FXFL forum..

His head looked like it indeed take a blow when he went down. Walter is an excellent back though and should fill in should Cornish be a no go for the remainder. All the best to him, you never want to see a guy seriously hurt.

Walters is not a national though is he? As good as he has looked this year in relief of Cornish that could still be quite the blow to Calgary if Cornish can't play in the WF.

Walters is a National, he is from Calgary.

Wow, kudos to Calgary then.

As much as I like to see Calgary get knocked off, hate to see this happen again to one of the CFL's premier players.
Huf has got to rest the max number of top guys in their final game, Would hate to see a repeat of injuries derail a great year for the Stamps.

Good luck Jon. Hope you are back symptom free for the WF.