Cornish be careful in the Grey Cup...

[i]Johnny is really worried we gonna see some funny stuff in the 100th Grey Cup.

On the one hand, we got Jon Cornish. The dude's pants are always falling down exposing his wise "crack". Of course, that's when he is not voluntarily pulling them pants down to show his buns.

Playing against Cornish, we got Adriano Belli AKA "The kissing bandit". A guy who has a history of kissing dudes on the "cheeks".

Johnny looks forward to many a Belli on Cornish tackle!!!!! :rockin: [/i]

Sorry butt, there have been plenty of shots of of Chad Owens showing cleavage and the FACT that he is wearing a thong. Don't even go there with Cornish.

I think Belli is where he belongs ... typical Trontonian Kiss A@@! :lol: