Okay, any word out of Montreal as to who has won the job replacing Sanchez ?

Samuels, Dix is a close second

But they are going to start the season with Dix…

Really? I thought i read Samuels is it.

Well, I hope that if they start the season with Dix, he’ll be on a short leash. I’m not sold on him, personally, but I trust the judgment of Trestman and Burke.

Anyone have a link to any sort of official announcement on this ?

There has been no official announcement; reading Herb,during the training camp, I have the feeling that Dix will start. Sometime I even wonder if Samuels will dress. The reason I say this is because I am not sure if an import DL, presently on the practice roster, will not be added to the active roster; presently, we only have 4 defensive linemen-imports- on the active roster. Last year we had as many as 6 and never less than 5 dressed.

If there are no changes to the actual active roster the players not dressed would/should then be imports Jon Banks and either S.J.Green or Brandon Whitaker; I say Green because Diedrick is injured; we need anothe RB in the game,hence Whitaker. The non-imports not dressed would or should be: Dylan Steenbergen and Paul Woldu.

If an import DL is added and is dressed then Banks would be deleted from the active roster; Samuels would then be left out/not dressed for the game. Paul Woldu would play and Jeff Robertshaw would not play/dress.

Would be much simpler if 44 of the 46 active roster could play/dress for the game.


Both will start; hence,according to RDS Mark Estelle is injured and will not play. Dix will replace Estelle and Samuels will start in the position formerly held by Sanchez. Tanard Davis-rookie DB on practice roster- will,most probably, be activated.


Well if we wanted a good test for players in new positions, you can't get any better than playing SK in Regina in a GC rematch! Durant is going to be testing the secondary all day long.

Btw, Rider fans are still PISSED about losing last year! TSN2 replayed the GC game, and there was a threat on where fans were talking about crying after the game, trying to block it out of their mind, saying that Cox "speared" Bagg, blah blah blah...Als are going to be in a VERY hostile environment, moreso than normal.