Cornerback position.

Okay, I play football for the Terry Fox Raven's, and I am located as Cornerback. I have played there for not to long I guess you could say and im just asking for some good advice on covering the receiver's. Like should I do the bump n' run or when there running do you just watch for ahdn motions to know when the ball is coming? Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hey man, ive been in football for 12 years, most recently for the uofa goldenbears until i got hurt, best advice they will tell you is to watch the receivers hips, they will never lie, never watch his hands or head, that's when he will get you, i didnt play cornerback but i did play linebacker and i had to drop back in coverage or pull out of the box if they put there sb or rb in motion. Give him a shot off the line, its legal, dont hold him and stay off his face mask. remember your footwork, inside foot always is in front and get a good push off, back pedaling is your gravy, im sure you practive the 5 yard back pedal , flip your hips and run with the receiver, never let him get behind you and dont be fooled, you can be a great help in a swing or hitch pass if the linebackers get chipped. Good luck!

Alright, thank's alot that was a huge help! But also when I give them a shot at the line sometime that give's them the advantage of getting by me. But thank's again!

Kickem in the nuts when da ref isnt looking... that works really well also :wink:

I Played WR For The North York Grizzlies/Predators And Let Me Tell You The Best Thing You Can Do As A DB Is Jam Them At The Line. If You Can Hold Them For A Full Second The QB Will No Longer Be Looking In His Direction Unless He Scrambles Out Of The Pocket And Has Lots Of Time.

Another Point On The Hips Issue Is Don't Fallow His Shoulders, Good Recievers Will Turn Their Shoulders To Fake You Out Before Making Their Break. If Your Giving The WR Space Wait For The QB To Plant Before Making Your Break On The Ball. I Played A Little FS And The Best Advice I Got Was When He Makes A Throwing Motion "If You Can See The Palm Of The QBs Hand Then You Know He's Throwing The Ball, Otherwise It's A Pump Fake." Alhtough This Can Sometimes Be Hard To Tell Since Half The Time All You Can See Is A Big Group Of Fat Guys Pushing Each Other Around Your Lucky If You Can Tell Which One The QB Is.

Play to your strengths. if you are fast and can catch up to him if he passes you, then bump n run might work for you. If not don't. Definetly do not play bump n run all the time. a good reciever will figure you out in no time and will burn you. Also he can tell his coach and qb about this, and there are ways to put you at a disadvantage. I am guessing you are young, so you will probably probably be playing more zone, mostly cover 3. and as a corner you will most likely be deep. remember never let anyone behind you. When playing zone, keep your eyes on the QB, but make sure you know where people are in your zone, and that you are able to get to those players before the ball. QB's when you are young rarely take their eyes off the target reciever so you should be able to jump on a few passes and get a pick or two. In Man don't take your eyes off your guy, if he cathces you peaking at the qb, he will burn you.
Run support will be your biggest role I am guessing, since passing doesn't happen as much in the younger leagues. Don't let anyone outside of you. Most of all don't let those poor halfbacks get creamed with a crackback block when the WR comes in to block on a sweep, yell at them to warn them. then go in there and get your nose dirty and lay the RB out. Defence is the funnest side of the ball, so go out there make some picks knock some ballls down, and cream some guys. Then help him up and do it all over again

The crackback! lord knows i paid the price for this! You as a cornerback have to yell this till your blue to let your linebackers or half back know! doesnt sound like a big deal but it is! believe me im paying the price of it not getting picked up!!!

My advice would be to give some space to the receiver at the beginning of the game and observe how he acts before squaring off/breaking/changing direction/etc. Most guys at high school and college level will often telegraph their next move (repeat the same fake, slow down for one or two steps before making a hitch, etc). As I believe you probably don't have access to game films, this will help you size your guy(s).

Then, if you think you can beat his moves, keep on giving him some space once you sized him, just so the QB will keep sending him the ball. Then, as the ball is released, you wil be in a great position to swap the ball away from him or to snatch it. But don't do this if the guy you are covering is a lot taller than you, or a lot faster than you, or else you might get burned.

Back On The Crackback Issue, Why Is It That That Play Is Rarely Used In The CFL? It Would Be A Great Play To Take A Noisey Home Crowd And Use It To Your Teams Advantage.

gotta agree to with Mr Billy always gotta go with what ever you do best..................but if he's a rocket..............your in trouble.........he has the forward motion on ya..................and backpedaling probably will n't match his speed............unless you lay off the line..........a good jam on the line.............a casual hold for a sec or two.............and then run like a him not the QB the easiest way to get burned is to watch the QB......mean while he's shifted gears and left you in the dust...........he will let you know if the ball is coming

recievers crackback in the CFL. Its just the dbs inthe CFL are pros and actually call it out. I played halfback and I don't know how many times I had to chew out the corner for not yelling. I almost got into a fight with one guy, I would have if I wasn't still shaken from the blindside crackback I got.

If You Halfback The WR Shouldn't Be Cracking (Not That Kind Of Crack Mongo) On The Defencive Half, He Should Be Going After The OLB.

I Know No DB Wouldn't Call Out The Crackback But If The Crowd Noise Is So Loud That The Linemen Can't Hear The Cadince What Chance Does The Linebacker Have Of Hearing The DB.

It all depends on the system. When I played halfback I had responsibility of contain. So almost always I got a damn WR cracking me. It was a pretty simple system, the regular 4-3 defence. on most runs to the outside, the OLB had the gap to the inside of the SB/TE with the Half having the outside gap. So it made sense for the WR to be trying to block me.

Fair Enough, However I'm Sure That's An Example Of You Doing Your Assignment In The Way Of A WRs Assignment, However If The WR Knew What He Was Doing He Should Be Past You Before The Ball Is Snaped. It Happends A Lot When The Defence Is Moving Around A Lot Before The Snap. I Remember One Game Where The Defence Was Blitzing And We Called A Crackback Play. My Assignment Was To Hit The OLB But Because He Was Blitzing He Was Only One Yard Off The Ball So I Thought He Was Another Linemen And I Went After Who I Thought The OLB Was, Who Was The Shallow Playing Strong Saftey. Since I Was His Man Anyways He Saw Me Coming And So Really All I Did On That Play Was Run Sideways Across The Field And Get Knocked On My Butt.

Here’s a key hint. Don’t play me. :lol: …Just kidding. I’m sorry I just couldn’t resist. All I can say is as a receiver I hate to be bumped. It just throws off your concentration on running your route and of course timing. I don’t think I could help you unless you tell me what kind of defence your team plays.

Switch it up on the receiver. Jam him at the line hard, and yeah keep the hands off the face mask. Sometimes play off and then just when the receiver thinks he'll have some room, the very next play jam him again. Keep him guessing as he stands in the huddle listening to the QB.

Wha? Wha? Wha’d I do? :shock:

I’m just finding it interesting how y’all are giving pointers to this up and comer. I always wanted to try out for the high school football team, but thought my lack of speed in relation to my then size would have made me cut within the first week. Instead, I had to settle for two years on the curling team and my senior year on the track and field squad (as a shotputter). :roll:

Cornerbacks need to master a lot more "tels" than any other defensive position because so much of the time your back is to the quarterback. A coach got me to count three seconds during every play. At three seconds the ball is in the air and you have to read the receiver. Is the receiver going to jump? Then the ball's high etc. A lot of interferance calls are caused by corners making their counts and then the receiver makes a fake like the ball is coming so the corner makes a play and gets called. Nature of the beast bud. It's a thankless job but someone has to do it. All of the "tels" in this string are good ones, but learn them one at a time.