Cornelius on Elks playoff hopes: 'We still got a chance'

Your OC is only as good as the QB. Lets point out an obvious recent example.

Tommy Condell has been taking stick in Hamilton, but suddenly Saturday afternoon he looks like a genius.

So maybe it;s not Maas. Maybe its execution on field. When you have had 8 less drives than Collaros and scored 15 less touchdowns.........(per week 14 stats)

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I can't imagine ANY of those positions are easy, as well as trying to build a team. If it were easy, wouldn't EVERY team be champions?

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True enough. Plus he had a very good Calgary team to get past in those years and never had a real first rank QB.
I gotta think there was more to all that than just what we saw. Think about that Lokombo, Edam, and Moncrief were all in Edmonton last year. This spring they were not even offered a contract.

One of my favourite quotes is "Experience is what you got when you thought you were getting something else". I think that his time in Regina gave Jones a ton of experience.
Building on that - he has worked on getting the culture and attitude right from the start. I think the last round of trades was about that. Yes talented guys but if you are not part of the team and working to make the team better, then.....

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