Cornelius on Elks playoff hopes: 'We still got a chance'

REGINA — Fresh off of an emotional win that had his team celebrating on the sidelines, Taylor Cornelius was already looking ahead.

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Seriously, he can be proud of the effort EE put up, kudos to all involved, but he has a better chance of winning the Lotto Max than he has of making the playoffs.


No, not going to the playoffs. Full confession - 1st full game I saw of the Elks this year. I don't have to like Chris Jones to see what's going on. Same record after 14 games as in his 1st year in Regina. You can start to see some progress after the same kind of teardown.

Cornelius' signing saw some raised eyebrows but I thought it was a good signing. If you sign a big name QB, in the CFL you can cut him. Where's the bad? You have the XFL starting up & that's where he came from. Sign him. I didn't know until a radio announcer mentioned it that Cornelius ran track as well as played football. I'm beginning to believe maybe the Elks ARE going forward with him & Ford. Outside of Rourke, are there any stronger arms or better runners in the CFL than those 2? Are there any faster QBs in the league.

I think people forget that Reilly apprenticed in BC behind Lulay for a couple of years & was 4-14 in his 1st year starting. Harris & Collaros both spent time behind Ray, as did Fajardo before playing backup in BC. Same story with Masoli, Arbuckle, Mitchell, Nichols & the list goes on & on. Cornelius has started 17 games & was basically thrown in & told to figure it out. He's the senior guy & has had very little time with experienced QB's to tutor him. Still has a lot to learn but would anyone trade him straight up for Arbuckle now? It will be fun to see how he develops. Same with how they use Ford.

P.S. I hope that Rourke can get back this year & spends a full healthy year in BC next year, PP. I miss seeing him play.:sunglasses:

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I...actually really hope not. Because a playoff season as a bad team will delude people into thinking everything's actually okay.

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Milt Stegal was brutally blunt: "The math doesn't exist that gets Edmonton into the playoffs this year."


No playoffs for you this year, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel at least. It might not even be a freight train coming at you this time.

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I think that light is just a flickering birthday candle. Jones had VP/GM/HC/DC position - bascially all the power and authority to do what ever he required to do of any club and didn't make the Grey Cup in the 3 years he spent in Regina. Sure he made the playoff finally in 3rd year but only with home field advantage in Western semi final. Not much of an accomplishment for the huge salary and powerful position he received.

Got to give him the first season I think. He inherited a total fiasco, even Ottawa kept most of the coaches. Time will tell, but I wouldn't be surprised if they get another win or two this year. Pales beside BCs improvement, but they are slowly trending up (queue another blowout just to make a liar out of me).

Big Congrats goes out to Cornelius for both a terrific game as well as getting that 2 year extention. Such a big change up over the previous week at home in Commonwealth Stadium. WOW !
Fajardo and team should be hanging their head in shame after that loss in front of their fans. Maybe they incorrectly figured it to be a walk in the park against a team that the week before was decimated. Or maybe Fajardo was still celebrating the birth of his son and wasn't concentrating on the game. But whatever it was the reaction during the game of a packed Stadium showed the feelings of the Fans.

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Well, yeah, I didn't talk about the Riders part in the game. Given 158 yds of penalties, with good to great field position multiple times, they should have done better. IMO, despite what the Regina media says, the right team won. Riders are a mess. Both teams were 2-6 last 8 contests coming into the game. Riders had lost 4 straight @ home & Elks have been very competitive on the road. The result shouldn't surprise anyone. Riders get Winnipeg, Calgary twice & Hamilton away. I don't see them turning things around. Right now, despite their 6 wins, Riders belong in the bucket with REDBLACKS, TiCats & Elks.:sunglasses:

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Considering the schedule Edmonton and Saskatchewan have - we still have a chance.

Especially if Hamilton keeps this up......

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Crazy long odds...

Lloyd: "What are my chances?"
Mary: "Not good."
Lloyd: "You mean “not good” like… one out of a hundred?"
Mary: "I'd say.. more like one out of a million."
Lloyd: (slowly reacts) "So you're telling me there's a chance? … yeah!!"

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So Riders will play Winnipeg (focused and pissed off after this week), Hamilton (Who are currently destroying the Bombers), and the Stamps (fighting for a home playoff game) twice.
Elks play Montreal, Toronto, BC, and Winnipeg, with a high probability Winnipeg and possibly BC may be resting guys for the playoffs.

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After watching the games on Saturday I cannot come to any other conclusion that the CFL is a complete disgrace now and the officiating is only to script the team that they want to win if you want to know why the stadiums are 1/3 full at best look no further to the debacle that has become the CFL I as a season-ticket holder will no longer spend a penny to support this debacle of a league

Awwww.....they didn't let the poor Roughriders win. Calls go for - calls go against. If I was a Riders fan I would be far more concerned with the 8 times Cody was sacked and the 14 yards on 10 carries for Hickson than one call going against them.

I'm and Elks fan and they have sucked this year. All the other west teams have hammered us except the Riders. Think that says something?

It says their offensive line sucks. Big time.

Just prior to yesterday I thought it was a toss up between Hamilton and Saskatchewan as to who had the absolute worst front five in the CFL. After yesterday's humbling at the hands of the TigerCats I've come to the conclusion that Saskatchewan's offensive line is hands down the most putrid piece of awfulness I've seen in a long time.

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Riders are not a mess as long as they commit to Cody Fajardo. Maas has been the problem, I am on record here calling Maas hire a huge mistake, this before he called a game. The last great TD drive by Sask was because we rightly ditched the running game as it was not working. It was all passing but for a couple 2nd and 2 basically. We should have ditched the run long before that. When you are just wasting a down , you have to go away from it.

People also forgetting the fumble that they did not give to Sask, and 2 missed FG.

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No argument there. Maas is the worst OC in the CFL. They could do way better with an offseason hire, say... Khari Jones?

Maas' play calling has a lot to do with it as do their penalties. But Maas IS part of the team when you're talking about the overall mess. When the worst team win-wise in the league can rush 3 most of the night & the Riders at times kept in 6, sometimes 7, to block it goes beyond the coaches. I can see having problems passing if you drop 9 men back but doesn't that mean you should be able to run when you have 5 or more big men to push the DL? Hickson, a good RB, averaged 1.4 yds/carry. And the Riders have given up reportedly EIGHT passing plays of 50 yards or more, worst in the league.

The fumble - well, it went into a big pileup & disappeared & to overturn it you have to have clear evidence. But you can't say the Riders benefitted more from poor officiating than their opponents. Phantom PI on Gainey, borderline call on roughing the passer. Bottom line, if you can't take advantage of a blocked punt in the RedZone & really good field position on a bunch of the penalties, your offence isn't good. Heck, you had your opponents kicking off from their own 10 yd line once. And Cody needs to stop whining. A point was made by a 'Peg writer that despite being booed & heavily criticized, Legghio hasn't been griping about it. Fans don't appreciate what the Riders have done??? You know, that happens when you just went 2-7 in your last 9 games & lost 5 straight @ Mosaic. Elk fans aren't cheering their team either. Suck it up & play better. :sunglasses:

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile.