Cornelius Anthony

I think a few people have alittle something to say to Cornelius Anthony after watching his ability at MLB.
He Led the Tigercats Defence in Tackles [5] & was all over the field tonight.

Alot of people thought "ohh know Zeke is gone, we have no MLB now, Anthony is Shit, blah blah blah"

He proved quite a few people wrong tonight. I think the defence was great tonight,[minus that 2 & 13 over the middle under 2 to go]

I really like Anthony at MLB, would have been nice if the cats could have got a player in return for Zeke, say a Canada or a Brown or even Walls but thats a whole different topic.

Anthony played very well tonight, I figured someone had to bring it up.

ps... Loving Knowlton getting the two picks.

I gotta ask.....

WHAT bloody game were you watching??????

Edmonton got something like 28 pts off of turnovers tonight, and 14 were scored by the Eskimo defence. So he's right, the Cats D played pretty well.

Except when the game was on the line!!!

like PC45 said. the points we're off turnovers. you saw Goss turn two INTs into TD's right?
You saw Tisdale/Knowlton turn two INTs each right? you saw Tisdales nice TD right? You saw Patrick Sack Ray twice right?

so my question to you was... What game we're YOU watching.

I'll admit they didn't come through when needed. thats why I said "Minus the 2nd & 13 thing".

And THAT was the game, everything else before it is moot!

Also the McCarty run to get the go ahead TD was huge for them

And THAT was the game, everything else before it is moot!
Hamilton wouldn't have been in the game if it weren't for the defense causing turnovers.

5 tackles? Led the team in tackles? All over the field. Sounds like a guy named Zeke Moreno. But according to some on this site no matter how well a Ticat linebacker plays it doesn't mean he's good. Afterall, he's playing on the worst defense in the league with no d-line so of course he's going to have a lot of tackles. Doesn't mean anything right?

Zeke leads the league in tackles and has a few sacks and interceptions and at least one touchdown as well, so Anthony didn't put the argument to rest tonight by any means. He played ok and I think he is a good linebacker. I've wanted him in the LB corps since they signed him because that's what he is, but not at the expense of the defensive leader. It's the one step forward two steps back syndrome we have here in Hamilton. God forbid that we have both of them out there. He could've taken the lamp post's, i mean, Mariuz's spot. Oh well, I digress.

Anthony played pretty well but I saw him get blocked right out of the play or come in late many times. The big run up the middle for a touchdown when Edmonton only needed a couple for the first down, they got about 15 for the touchdown - the running back is the middle linebacker's duty on that one. Yet, he was nowhere to be seen. He stumbled into the picture late. I also saw him get blocked out on the goal line. So, yeah he played not a bad game and I do like him. But it doesn't make up for trading your top tackler for nothing. It's not even about whether Anthony will be an adequate replacement...we traded the defensive captain, league tackle leader, for nothing.

Oh wait - we all know why he's the leading tackler, right? :roll: . So it comes back to the question - can we really consider anything Anthony does to be good, on the worst defense in the league? Some will say no. Welcome to the starter's world in Hamilton Anthony.

for a guy who hasn't played MLB in awhile...Anthony played well...

for a guy who hasn't played MLB in awhile...Anthony played well...
IMO I thought he looked really good, considering all the scrutiny he was under.

He played well great job by him

I really couldn't have said it better myself. Why on earth would we want to have Moreno AND Anthony?? :roll: I think Anthony did a good job at points and was a little rough at other points. I have nothing against Anthony, but I still don't like the Moreno give-away (can't even cal it a trade)

Iwas also glad to see there was pressure on Ray.

till our qb fumbled on a potential game winning drive after that, eveything before that is MOOT.

I only heard his name twice last nite on the broadcast for plays that he made. I also saw him running behind receivers to try and catch up to them.

The defense is no better or worse with him. Linebacking is not our problem. The problem is the d-line. No pressure = full routes run by the receivers.