Corky Jones fires Rider broadcast crew???

There’s a severe rumour thread on the rider fan website (mostly lemmings and deep sixers) stating that Chris Jones has extended his tentacles into the riders broadcast crew and requested long-time color man Carm Carteri (a former rider hobo) be FIRED.
No substantiation yet - but that would leave the riders with one of the most homerific play by play guys in the history of history (Rod “I Do what you tell me to do” Pederson)

Should all play out prior to training camp. I imagine Carteri may not go gently into that good night either!!!

[i]Kim Jong-Corky Jones won't stop until he has destroyed the Riders.

The man is a mixture of hubris and Tennessee bacon fat. Looks like another rotten season for the Riders...[/i]

Cam has had "mixed" popularity with most fans for years and has been a thorn behind the scenes for not only the present regime. When what is supposed to be essentially a local booster is causing waves in such a manner it is surprising he has not been displaced already...especially when Luc Mullinder has been slowly growing in the roll for a couple seasons. Luc was a total homer when he first started it but has begun to learn that as a local team voice he still has to be a little objective...even if cautiously so. 3 years ago I would have said Luc had no chance at I think he could be interesting in the job.


True or not , since when do coaches or managers have the stroke ( AUTHORITY for those not up on modern hip lingo ),
to have broadcasters tossed ?

Sorry, but Carm C. should have retired about 5 years ago. Even when the Riders were playing well - he would nit pick at something and not let it go.

Couple years ago we listened to the 'home radio team' for Hamilton and B.C on satellite radio. Both teams were not playing the Riders, to give you some perspective. OMG - they were horrible. Just horrible. After listening to that, we gave some slack to Carm. At least Carm knew the CFL game.

Give Luc M. a try. Very smart football mind. Big fan of his analysis on the Riderville website.

Time for some new blood on the CKRM broadcasts of Rider games.

Yup...that's what I was getting at.

There is something else to it as well...not my place to say anything on though.

He didn't actually do that...he stated that he didn't want him around the team. CKRM can employ him in their studio or in some other capacity. The have the right to ask this of a local station that is essentially a club booster and a member of that that party is creating a level of adversity. There are a pile of people that have been less than enthused by him for a while...there are other factors that don't need to come out...adversity is adversity and a VPOFO has every right and the responsibility to mitigate those whenever possible.

Jones heard about Trump firing the director of the FBI and decided he wanted in on that action.

Now that is CraCra.

Yes, it is just that Lyle stated " requested ".

That would indicate that Jones might think he has the stroke.

Otherwise there would be no point in requesting .

Regardless, Jones needs to understand that the radio crew is the least of his concerns.

One can only assume you were dropped on your head as a child

Did you just seriously start a thread about the Riders radio colour commentator? Do you really believe Jones gives 2 rats asses about what Carteri says? Do you really believe the Riders GM has influence with who is employeed in a separate company?

That said, I know Carteri personally, talked to him a few nights ago & he told me he doesn't think his contract is being renewed because CKRM wants Luc Mullinder to replace him. That's it, nobody got fired, they simple ran out his contract to be replaced with someone 10x better than him. Even he said Mullinder is gold.

Carteri gave a big, meh. Said he's happy because now he doesn't have to go to practices every day.

Now as far as your severe case of Riders derangement syndrome, well I got no advice for you other than to avoid sharp objects.


I must have been mistaken when I literally heard directly and it was stated not around the team nor doing the broadcasting.

Yeah, not shocking that you don't feel management should be removing outside adversity. I mean that would be plain silly to you. SMH.....ridiculous that someone would somehow believe that not addressing it is acceptable. Ironic that you will knock Jones for bringing in players that you feel cause adversity but then you knock him for removing someone who does the same thing. Sorry...not ironic...because it is not surprising from you at all.

And here's the latest from WRGAF radio in Saskatchewan :lol: ............... :roll: YAWNNN !!!! :roll:

You were mistaken. Direct quote from Text from Carm.

"Fake News. Jones & I are good, went to Golfs with some on staff during CFLweek"

I wish reporters would get facts straight before reporting anything.

Is that not what they teach in journalism and broadcasting school ?

Corky Jones' brother Alex "Paranoid" Jones suggested Corky give Sean Spicer a call and give him a tryout on the stick. At least Spicer is good at following orders! :cowboy: