Corktown Pub

One of our group has been told when we come to Hamilton for a TiCat game we should be sure to go to the Corktown Pub.
Any one want to provide any comments or tell us what we will walking into and exactly where the Pub is located.
We realize this Post is not direct TiCat related but we have come to rely on you for helpful info for our CFL experiences.

While the Corktown is a historic spot I'm not really sure why it would be a must see unless you had a real interest in old Irish neighborhoods or pubs. Its okay for a a beer and chips but theres better. Its located in the heart of the city near downtown.

By coincidence, The Spectator, the local newspaper, had a restaurant review in this past weekends paper

The GO section, What's On, Restaurant Review...

I've never eaten there so cannot comment on the food.

Thanks for the info link, I have a feeling after reading the article that this is where the suggestion came from. Based on the limited time we have when we come to the games I think we will pass on this establishment.
When I get to my office tomorrow I'm going to have my Secretary sign up for an on line subscription to the Spectator. I would think it has articles on what is happening in Hamilton and the surrounding region, maybe info on the Argos and Jays besides the TiCats. Do you know if it has a separate on line sports section?

Appreciate the response, we will be in touch with you for "theres better" when we fly up for a game.

The Spec does have a separate sports section

But there is also a connected blog by Drew Edwards called The Scratching Post that covers the TiCats

Also often includes articles by the excellent Spec sports journalist Steve Milton. During the season, Drew and Steve produce pre and post TiCat game videos that are very informative, accessed on the Scratching Post page.

Have never eaten there but the few times I've been there to see bands, I loved it. And any establishment that has hosted Blue Rodeo and Tom Wilson has a thumbs up in my books.

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The Corktown is the oldest pub in Hamilton, having been established in 1931 so if you are a big history buff, yeah I’d go. The other thing the Corktown has going for it is they usually have live music or a decent show on stage. The sound system is pretty good, but I’ve always found it a bit too loud for my liking. Pretty standard pub fare, nothing world shaking about it food wise but a great place to go if you are a music buff.

As far as where to go instead? Tough call, sadly the bars around the stadium are not the greatest. I mean they serve beer, but the food is lacking. If you are looking for a sports bar, The Buffalo Anchor Bar isn’t a bad choice (the first expansion of the original Anchor Bar in Buffalo who lays claim to the first chicken wing recipe). It’s right by the McNab bus terminal and your game ticket is free fare to the game.

The Ti-Cats typically have their pre and post game party at Buffalo Wild Wings (I know, the names are similar) over on Centennial Parkway, but without a car getting to and from is a bit of a pain. Lots of different wings and beers on tap and plenty of screens.

Last pick would be the Boston Pizza at Centre Mall, just because it’s a 20 minute walk away. The other bars around the stadium. Well you can’t go wrong with bottled beer, and expect them loaded with older Ti-Cat fans, but their menus are very lacking.

If you are looking for a good place to eat but aren’t entering the fine dining region, but maybe aren’t thinking before game stuff, well…can’t go wrong with these places.

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Other great places are Rapscallion, Ray’s Boathouse (if you like Wings) and most of the bars on Augusta St are decent enough. There’s also plenty of your generic restaurants (Boston Pizza, Kelsey’s, Montana’s, Lone Star Texas Grill etc) around Centennial Parkway, Upper James and the Ancaster Meadowlands, but they are just that. Generic.

Hamilton Art Crawl and the Corktown Pub, favourites for this writer.

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We really appreciate the responses. It is our intent to spend a little more time in the local areas with CFL fans than we did last year. We always rent 2 vehicles so getting around is not a problem.
Schedules and aircraft availability will determine which games/regions we will attend, but we are looking forward to the upcoming season.
Oh yeah, we are also now tied into the on-line Spectator and Toronto Sun.
Have a good evening!

Well, you certainly got two sides of the Canadian political spectrum with those papers... lol

That is interesting, however, we all work here in DC so Politics are our lives. My Title is “Congressional Liaison”.
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