Corgrats to the Blue Bombers

I know it's only exhibition but what a nice way for Paul LaPolice to make his start as a CFL head coach, to show the Bomber fans there might be some hope and respect coming their way after all the nonsense in recent years......and most of all this is good for the CFL to see the Bomber franchise hold it's head up a little prouder today

....yes, again, it's only a pre-season game, but let's hope this is a sign of good things (except when they play the Ticats of course) :wink:

"Alouettes kicked to curb by Blue Bombers"

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34-10 Bombers over Alouettes

Montreal only flew about 50 guys to the Peg. The Peg had all the allowed players. Montreal took almost all rookies and backups.

Doesn't take much to impress you does it..

Another Team that started most of there #1 guys, while Montreal left there best back home!
When its all said and done, Im sure Otis will hire a few to wash some cars and do some white walls!
GO CATS GO!!! :rockin:

Nope, it doesn't and never has's only a game and I like to see things work out well for all teams when they sorely need a spark to ignite them.......preseason or not, I bet the Bomber fans loved it and are feeling some hope and that's a good thing.....I've got plenty of years to go before I become cynical, bitter and crotchety so for now I'll just enjoy things for what they are.....Go Cats, Go Bombers :smiley:

Are you serious????? Congrats to the WHO?

Why are you posting on this website? I thought the Bombers had there own website. Im sure they'd rather hear your praises for their super huge PRE-SEASON win over there....

Seriously.....Give your head a shake Deerhunter....Embarassing...... welcomes all CFL fans with different allegiances............I'm a Ticats fan first and as an experiment this year, I changed my #2 team from the Riders to the Bombers

...thanks for posting though :wink:

Note:........we had a pretty productive thread about this just last week......

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Then please post your applause like feelings on the Winnipeg site ... we don't need your kind here :roll:

Nawwww......I'll stay here since I'm a Ticats fan first and foremost......I'm just happy to see something positive happen in the 'Peg for a's good for the CFL as a whole in my opinion

But if you don't like my happiness for the Bombers today, feel free to ignore the thread.......the title was pretty clear and not mis-leading at all

Remember Kollege Koach?

...just a little info. on the game.....Als. definitely didn't bring their big guns.....but we also sat out a few....Brown, Jovon Johnson , Edwards..etc.....I hope you guys are going to play Glenn at least next week....We'd like to get a better measure on the competition.....cuz we know we're going to give you some and would like the same in return..... :wink:

Without wishing to take anything away from Winnipeg’s win, my Als barely dressed any starters. I mean, seriously, outside the O-line, I don’t think we had a single starter playing at any position. Not in the receiving corps, the secondary, nothing. Winnipeg rested some of its big guns but still dressed a number of starters, including Buck Pierce at quarterback. That makes a significant difference.

I don’t fault Winnipeg for doing this, incidentally. They’re a new team under a rookie head coach and new coordinators, trying to find an identity. They can’t afford to play a bunch of rookies, they need to hit the ground running and come together quickly. Conversely, the Als can send their C team because we already know who we are. This is essentially the same group as last year, with mostly the same coaches and only a few positions that will be seriously contested (wide-side corner, defensive tackle, kick returner). Better for us to evaluate as many rookies as we can and see who’s worth keeping on the roster.

at the same time, bombers did play alot of rookies also.. particularly in the defensive back field and linebacking group and receivers for that matter where some guys seemed to have seperated themselves from the pack.. thats what pre-season for a new team with a new coach and a real offensive playbook and a new qb, new to the team atleast, all 4 are new to the team this year. bucks just been in the league a while, so has jyles. dimichele looked good and eventho brink was 0 for 2 he had 2 drops by receivers.

it is what it is, pre-season but its better to win then lose regardless of who was or wasnt playing.

I hope the Bombers go winless in 2010, and we beat them by 30 points every time we play them. I could care less that they beat a team of guys who will probably all get cut this week. And I'm sure Montreal will remember this game when they put their starters in during the regular season.

Cats were 2-0 every year when they were horrible.
It is almost a sign of being a good team to lose the first preseason game.
It means that you confidently rest your vets and evaluate the kids fighting for the bottom roster spots.

Yep and I hope the Bombers go 2-0 in pre-season this year. And the blue team too.

Forgetting the details of the game, I give props to the 28,000 plus who showed up. A slight tad more than the the mere 12,400 in Toronto, congrats indeed.

Right On...Now let's see if we can top that in Hamilton this week.

[quote=" .....Go Cats, Go Bombers :smiley:
Turncoat poster please choose one team, you illicit Bomber trolls with your bi- team view. :lol:

[quote author="BigBlock"]

Turncoat poster please choose one team, you illicit Bomber trolls with your bi- team view. :lol:

EXACTLY!!! There's only 8 teams in this league and this guy has two favorite teams in the same division...Thats absurd...If you're a fair weather fan its one thing...But if you care enough to be a regular poster on this site, you are probably a die hard Ti Cat ....But I can count one one finger the amount of teams websites I have visited in the CFL and have zero interest in ever visiting.

So your either with the Ticats or against them IMO...and if you're against them or cheer for their enemies, go and TROLL the Bombers or Argos or Als websites.

congrats on your decent season last year, i hope you never win the cup because if you do, you will be more unbearable than rider fans

i'd suggest not being so cockey b4 the hits start flying because some of you might be eating some crow....

(side note- winnipeg only played starters in first quarter and played montreals 2nd team and lit them up 21-2 and scored every drive down the feild)