Corey Sheets

Dave Naylor has tweeted that Corey Sheets is an Oakland Raider.

I wish him all the luck in the world, but I honestly don't think he will stick. 29 y/o RB in the NFL coming on looking for his first action in the NFL with essentially no availability to go on the practice roster. Talent enough for sure, but who knows.

Good luck Kory.

Happy he is a least getting a shot at his dream as a person.Sad he's not on the green and white as a fan.

Good for Cory, bad for us, another big hit to the team, man going to be an interesting season!

I wish KORY Sheets the best in the NFL he did great things for us and if he succeeds add him to the list of Cam Wake of those who were able to have success in the NFL from the CFL hopefully brining more exposure to OUR league

dressler gone
sheets gone

good luck in the nfl

Good Luck to sheets and Dressler!! :rockin: