Corey Mace

Mace appears to be a NFL free agent. Any word on whether the Argos are going to try to sign him again?

I have no idea. I honestly don't think that guy wants to play in the CFL. The last I heard we was holding out for some insane amount of money that the Argos just couldn't afford to pay him ($100,000 +). They were talking about it on the fan 590 last year shortly after he was cut by the Bills before the NFL regular season started.

He was really close to making the Bill squad but again, I think he'd rather play for an NFL team practice roster than start for a CFL team. That's pretty sad. I'd at least like to see what he's got.

It appears the Argos have moved on from the three Canadian NFL guys Mace, Dawson and Federkeil. Because of the SMS they are not going to give Corey Mace starter money until he comes in and prove he is good enough to start in the CFL. If he came in a played backup to Belli for a year and proved he was good enough, then he would probably get Belli's job and money. I don't think he wants to play football that badly.
Dawson is probably making more money in a job from his Harvard education, and obviously doesn't want to play football unless he is well paid. He would be a useful RB being a Canadian, maybe a little better than Jeff Johnson right now, but he wouldn't start ahead of Cory Boyd.
Federkeil has gone back to school to finish his education and rest his concussions. A concussion is nothing to fool around with so he may have figured he has had enough football. But if he does feel he wants to play next year, I can see the Argos trading him to his hometown Calgary for a draft pick. They have some good young Canadian OL's now with more in the pipeline in Reinders and Warner.
I don't see any pressing need for any of these guys.

Mace is the guy the Ticats traded for AB3?
A guy that is passed over by the Buffalo Bills is now pinning his hopes on an alma mater connection.
He should just sign with the Argos immediately.
In time for the Labour Day Classic!

Yes, that's the guy.

But he can't sign with Toronto. . . Calgary owns his CFL rights.

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I would say that the Argos believe that Cory Greenwood isn't coming back to the CFL any time soon. So they have moved to get some MLB depth by bringing in Tristan Black for a player they can't sign.

Just guessing what this might lead to: Calgary signs Mace making Labinjo expendable who has had issues with Huff. Calgary then trades Labinjo to his hometown team the Argos for the rights to OL Dan Federkeil.
Good deals for the Argos as they would be getting to hometown boys who it appears actually want to play in Toronto for a couple of westerners who apparently don't.

We traded Mace and a 3rd rounder for AB3, well worth it as the stat sheet has shown.

apparently he is going to play for calgary in the CFL after all.

I honestly think he just wants to hop into Calgary to win a grey cup and bolster his resume in hopes of cracking an NFL roster.

I don't know about this Corey Mace...

Pfft, whatever who cares lol.They probably ended up paying more than he's worth right now anyway's and they've never seen him play in this league.Everyone's talking like he's going to be the Canadian Cam wake.Why?Cause he played for the Bills?LOLOLOLOLOLOL :lol: :lol: :lol:

John Hufnagel is pleased with Mace, thus I'm looking forward to what he can bring to the table.

Remember now though that the CFL-NFL revolving door contract pseudo requirement via the rule for at least ONE 1+1 (one year plus one year OPTION) offer is no longer the case, so the Stamps can negotiate a longer-term contract and if he balks just tell him to hit the road.

I’ll have to see how Mace compares to successful NFL cast-off SJ Green as far as actual NFL potential, for SJ Green is one CFL player and receiver who IMHO is NFL-ready (in particular with regard to his red zone prowess) and thank goodness he’s been overlooked by the NFL types including the Jets who let him go.