Corey Mace update

As far as I know, he's still unsigned and not attracting further NFL interest. Didn't O'Bie say over a week ago that if he didn't catch on with another NFL team in the next few weeks that he might sign with the TiCats? Anyone knowing of anything or any articles please link us to them. Thanks.

I don't weel see mace He feel he to good to be a CFL Player
HE wait for some one to cut at Camp or get hurt and sign with them
But his windows is closing
I don't well see him till Labour day

I doubt he'll be even half as good as people think he'll be.

Lots of NFL castoffs come up here and do nothing why is he going to be any different?

.... because people would really, really like him to be.

I guess we will find out when and if he comes, now won't we. Best to leave the judgments until we see him play.

He's gonna sign and he's gonna be great!

Pretty astute quote.....

A lot of people here really want to wash the bad taste of the Moreno/Canada deal out of their mouths.

And alot of people really want to cling to the perceived negativity of it and wouldnt mind one bit if Mace's NFL journey went on indefinitely.

I dont think they want to. They're the same people who didnt say nothing about the Ralph/Thompson trade now that it turned out to be a complete steal for us. Last year at this time they all thought it was one of the worst deals in our history.

I still Mace will Wait till Labor Day to sign.
We should Deal his Right and Pick next year to get some in .
Or Bring Tom Canada In (I know he a Jackass but he a good Player)

The problem with that scenario is that someone else would have to want mace more than next year's pick... in which case why are we trading him?

Tom Canada is done with football and doesn't want to play anymore.

Of our all Mistakes Obie made this was by far the Worst one

Some body!! Stop this thread right now!! :lol:

Mace will be here around labour day. He wants to play in the NFL and will make more as a fringe player there than he would starting here.

It's the same situation as Giguere. The earliest you will see either guy is the week after labour day.

Onknight is right, worst move Obie has made was the Canada debacle. This will be brought up for years to come. If you don't like it, don't read or post.

If Mace ends up starting for the Cats the trade is a steal for the Ticats. Obie traded an asset that will be on the down side of his career in a year for potentially two starting Canadian down the road. Im sorry but sometimes you have to give up something to build for the future. Thats what rebuilding teams should do.

The trade cannot be properly analyzed until Mace gets here and has an opportunity to fight for a job. That being said if he doesn't sign (which he eventual will) or if doesn't become a start or play meaningful minutes then it can be considered a poor trade.

Additionally, if it does happen to prove to be a bust of a trade I would generally think if Obie hits on 66% or more of his trades (Thompson, Knowlton and perhaps Goodspeed are clear wins) as a GM over the course of his term then he has done a good job and the team will be better.

I won't argue your point Cause we will be better with Deals we made this year.
But Mase fired his agent when he said sign with Hamilton.
To me this said I don't want be a Ticats I am too good for the CFL.
Frankly he was on a practice Team for 2 years and was back up for 2 games (meaning less Games at that). we should have traded his rights draft day and got something for it.

If comes here later and drops that I am bigger Then The CFL attitude
He could be a good player. do we really need Guy who could end up being another Ron Williams

All I know is I'm tired of hearing the same old crap ... "If he comes it won't be until Labour Day".

Provide link pls.
As of the first week of May Mace's agent was still looking in NFL.
When was he fired ?