COREY MACE - OB 1 Winnipeg zero ???

Corey Mace , ex Buffalo Bills --- canadian defensive end --- the "other" part of the Moreno puzzle
2 years on the Bills practise squad. He is currently an ERFA.

NFL Rules: Section 4. Eligibility:
(a) The practice squad shall consist of players provided that they have not served more than two previous seasons on a Practice Squad:

According to the definition of Exclusive Rights Free Agent (ERFA).... "Such a player has no more than two accrued seasons in the NFL and may only sign with his prior team, provided, of course, that the team extends a minimum qualifying offer to the player.

That makes potentially 3 solid Canadian linemen OB has found to correct our problem areas. :thup: :thup: :thup:

thoughts anyone?

My thought is that until I see him in a Ticat uniform and see what he contributes, the rest of it means nothing to me.

gosh boreham quick you are to dismiss potential..

yet your willing to bring flick back gimpy leg and all.. :?

The earliest we will see Mace is the week after labour day.

He will be a body at Bills camp and either be on the practice roster or cut. If he impresses though he could be spot 48, 49 or 50 on the roster.

thanks tiger_dirt..

that gives me some sense of context...

I don't recall saying that I would bring back Flick, I said that I was surprised nobody had.

I'm tired of "potential" I want to see results, thanks very much.

How much money does a DLineman make on a NFL practice roster?

$88,400 or $5,200 per week for 17 weeks

From Wikipedia:

The minimum salary from 2008 to 2010 is $5,200 per week (2008-2010)[1] for 17 weeks, or $88,400 per season, in comparison to the NFL minimum rookie salary of $285,000. (Some practice squad players are paid considerably more, however: In 2006, the New England Patriots paid third-year player Billy Yates the full $425,000 he would have earned on the active roster.)

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Don't ask tough questions.

Bingo. That's how I feel about any player signed, rights obtained or otherwise. Until they hit the field and play it's all talk and speculation.

using that logic ie hitting the field and playing... theres no need for this site inasmuch as theres not much football being played here or anywhere else in February...

Apparently it's O.K. to say the trade was Terrible without seeing how it really plays out but it's not O.K. to think it might actually work out for the better.

People in Vancouver thought Barry Peterson for Cam Neely and a draft pick was a great trade at the time.

Of course it is ok to say it was terrible because we have seen NOTHING to this point. How could that not be terrible. As for it working out for the better, I will believe it when I see it.

So would it be safe to say Mace is earning $100K/a on the Bills scout team? Would it also be safe to say he could earn that playing in the CFL? If so, when does the dream of making the "show" end and the reality of an actual career in football start? Not playing for two years has to diminish skills. Printers sat on the bench for three years and I'm convinced that has negatively impacted his ability enormously. Setting aside my vested interest in seeing Mace suit up in IWS this season doesn't it make the most sense for his best interests?

Most players want to stay in the NFL for at least 4 years so they can collect an NFL pension.

Is there not a limit how long a player can remain on an NFL's team practice squad? I thought it was 3 years, or am I totally wrong about that?

two years.

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Plus...Mace came off the PR for a pair of games.

Does that change things, or is it continual PR time that can't exceed two years?

You know all these players that we traded for and chose to stay in the NFL might one time show up here and suprize everyone and then what a team we will have! :wink: