Corey Mace movin' on up

I'd rather have Bruce too. He's a proven high quality starter. Mace may become a top performer some day, or may not ever play in the CFL. If he does come to the CFL and excel, that wouldn't change anything in my evaluation. It doesn't matter what might have been, or what might some day be. The deal of Bruce for the rights to Mace plus a couple of draft picks was made at a particular point in time. And at that time it was a very good deal for us. I hope Mace does well wherever he plays. I'm glad we have Bruce in Hamilton.

Buffalo releases Mace

^^^ We know. HA1912GCC posted that news and a link yesterday on the previous page.

Bruce now....sign Mace as a FA in 5 years if you want him

really the likely hood of Mace being traded or being released from the Argos (when or if he plays for them) is quite high. like how many players move around per year? a lot since there are only 8 (hopefully soon 9) teams, so lets say AB3 retires after next season. Mace may be available by that time.

Of course that is assuming we want him.... which is a topic that cannot really be answered as he has not proven himself to CFL fans as of yet.

Yep. It sure is nice to see us NOT taking it on the chin in a trade for once. Have a long and prosperous NFL career, Cory. To those blue team fans who thought they'd see Cory suit up for this season I say "haw haw"

I'm sure that quotation should read "hee haw" :stuck_out_tongue:

It's no matter Corey Mace resigned on the Bills practise roster according to this Morning's Spec

Bill's have re-signed Mace to the PR.Now can TSN and everybody else stop purhcasing an Argo's jersey with the name 'Mace' on the back? :lol: