Corey Mace movin' on up

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The Bills made a roster move on Saturday promoting defensive lineman Corey Mace to the 53-man roster. Mace has spent the first 11 weeks of the season

Mace (6’3?, 287) originally joined the Bills as an undrafted free agent in May of 2007. He has spent portions of the 2007 and 2008 seasons on the team’s practice squad. In 2008, Mace saw action in three games after being promoted to the 53-man roster on December 6.

The promotion of Mace is in response to the Bills small numbers at the defensive tackle position. John McCargo has been declared out of Sunday’s game with a calf injury and starting defensive tackle Marcus Stroud is questionable with a knee injury.

If Stroud is unable to play Sunday, Buffalo would be reduced to just two defensive tackles for the game.

To make room for Mace on the active roster, the Bills released tight end Joe Klopfenstein. Klopfenstein was signed just last week when Derek Fine was placed on injured reserve.

The Bills will enter Sunday’s game with only two tight ends in Shawn Nelson and Jonathan Stupar.

Who cares about Corey Mace?

There are 13 other Canadians in the CFL.

Good to see a Canadian boy doing well down south! Be nice to see him start!:smiley: You never know!

1.It's great to see a canadian doing well in the NFL
2.It makes they Bruce deal that much sweeter as Mace keeps slipping away.

Ok, I get it.

I don't care about past deals.

Are threre any other past deals worth keeping track of?

Cap'n: I suppose you could always ignore the thread if you're not interested in the topic.

Corey Mace just sealed the victory for Buffalo but intercepting Chad Henne's last pass, glad we got Bruce for him, but congrats to the big man stepping it up in the NFL

Nice to see him doing well.

I think any other deals that have brought us our most recent team nominee for CFL Outstanding Player would be worth keeping track of.

I guess you'd only care if there was a rule saying the Bills had to play him.

Yep. It sure is nice to see us NOT taking it on the chin in a trade for once. :smiley: Have a long and prosperous NFL career, Cory. To those blue team fans who thought they’d see Cory suit up for this season I say “haw haw” :lol:

I think the Bills dressed him for the Rogers' Centre game last year but he never saw the field. Good luck to him. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)

Mace was released by the Bills today. Makes me wonder if he was re-signed just to boost the Canadian content on the team before the Toronto game, to provide the press with another storyline to interest Canadian ticket-buyers.

That is so funny .....Holy crap after all i just read now they cut him ..... Ha HA ha wow

Hah.Still rather have Bruce then Mace.Besides, just because he got released doesn't mean 100% for sure he's going to the Argo's.There are plenty of other team's in the NFL that need improvement, and he must've been pretty good to hang on with the Bill's this long.Let us not also forget they released him a while back only to resign him to the PR.

I'm sick of hearing about this kid. He's done zip in pro football. And he's not even Ticat property any more. Who cares if the Bills cut him.

Now yes, we would all rather have Bruce. But in 5 seasons when Bruce will likely be retired and Mace is probably still playing, who will you have wanted?

Bruce.Even if Bruce is only around another year or two or maybe even if he's done now i'd still take Bruce.People wanted this team fixed now, not later as was stated like 500000000000000000 times on this forum.Bruce was a surefire way to get this team going and he did.Mace is just happy collecting paychecks for being an NFL benchwarmer and still hasn't even signed with a CFL team after almost 3 years of being pursued.Who knows if the guy would even be any good?We know Bruce is damn good, had he been in Hamilton since TC,he could've been league leader in TD's and yardage and we may have had 1 or 2 more wins.Bruce over that Jabroni Corey Mace any day.Go AB3 :thup:

Yup. Agreed.

He's done zip in pro football.
But with coaching from Bart Andrus... :lol: :lol: :P