corey holmes

could someone please tell me why they traded for a guy that was last years western nominee for outstanding player if they had no intention of playing him.......

This is one of the questions which absolutely drives me crazy.

Wish I Knew...

But I Don't think He'll be back..

and furthermore why he wasn't getting the ball once every three or four plays???

its not like we're playin all that great, might as well just give the guy the ball in his own homecoming... ya know the stadium we're he's played for the last five years or so...

A perfect example of a lousy gameplan. Holmes should have been a featured offensive player last night but at best, he was an afterthought.

There doesn't seem to be any logic to what the Cats do (or don't do).

An Argo fan

Intentions can change. First, he was injured on and off early in the year. Even if he's fully healthy now, the team has gotten into other habits, although I would argue that those should change to make more use of Holmes. Second, he was brought in under a different head coach (Marshall). Paopao, Erdman and Lancaster may have very different ideas about how useful he is.

If that's the case, then Paopao, Erdman, Lancaster et al are wrong because you have to formualte gameplans based on what you have, not what you hope to get. The Cats have some decent assets--they just aren't utilizing them very well.

An Argo fan

He's not playing because he doesn't want to be here. Holmes does NOT want to be in Hamilton. How many fumbles has he had now? He's kist not paying attention, he's not into it anymore. Trade him to Saskatchewan for something, anything.

Strange ,he fumbled again last night on a kick return.

Barneyfife,Holmes would probably be used similar to 6 * Stokes, Keith WR 5.07 198 10-Dec-78 East Carolina on the Argos.
It's just the Argos have so many players like him that we don't notice.How much has Stokes done for them?

If Holmes was a big physical player I'd agree ,but he's playing small anyway at the moment.

He'll leave after this craptacular season go somewhere else and be a huge star again.

Who are the fucking idiots not playing him?

The fact that our offensive coaches are idiots isn't just the reason they're not playing him. He DOESN'T want to play in Hamilton, so why play him? I wouldn't play a guy that didn't want to play for my team, I'd bench him and shop him to a place where he DIDN'T want to go.


News flash here, Nobody wants to play in Hamilton!

Has Holmes openly come out and admit that he doesnt like playing in Hamilton?

He didn't want to play in Hamilton since the first game. No, he's just dropped 5 or 6 kick returns, disappeared (when no child is born), not putting any effort into his game. He should be benched. Give Davis the start.

Wonder why Riders wouldn’t kick the ball to Corey Holmes on kickoffs.
Surely not because they were afraid of him?

That was a
strange one seeing them kick -off short…

Corey was in at running back as well as kick returner last night.

Whos’ spot should he take?

Strange year in Ti-Cat Hamilton,oh well…

Whatever the intention, that was funny.

Where are you getting this "Holmes doesn't want to be here" angle from Miller? Nobody else is playing worth a darn either. Is the same true from them?

Isn't it obvious?

  1. Saskatchewan mouthguard
  2. No effort at all
  3. Leaves for the birth of a child...that wasn't due for another week.
  4. Dropping kicks (never did that)
  5. Lack of speed and elusiveness (never saw that in Saskatchewan)
  6. He was traded, he didn't chose to come here
  7. His heart and skills are in Saskatchewan.

Again, most of your points can be applied to many others on the team now.

I havent' noticed his mouthguard. Could it be something that was custom made?

Easy with the leaving for his child's birth thing. Child birth isn't always, predictable, without complications, nor to be taken lightly. Give the guy the benefit of the doubt on that one.

I did give him the benefit of the doubt until I found out the child wasn't due for another week. But he HAD to be in the Saskatchewan game. Funny eh? How that just happens. He could have had another one made. He's a roughrider and that's all it is. So trade him, just not to the roughriders

I think his contract is up at the end of the season. If he doesn't sign a contract extention with Hamilton, hopefully he will sign back in Saskatchewan as a free agent. =)