Corey Holmes

Corey Holmes went home last week to his family.
Not because his wife was giving birth but because he is fed up and wants out of Hamilton.
It is clear to all that know his talents that he has not been used this year by this staff the way he has in the past with other teams.
Both the Offensive Coordinator and Offensive Line Coach were in Ottawa the last four seasons perfecting ways to never coach a playoff game.
They have now brought their act to Steel City.
Kavis and his players are still playing but Paopao and Kani have it so messed up down there that the ship is sinking fast.
Ranik is a good back and it showed in the win at Winnipeg when he got the ball.
So why did he only get 11 touches vs the Argos?
Ranik is not a great back, Davis and Aidoo would not be a big drop off.
However Ranik is Joe’s Boy. Kani is a pompous ass. Therefore Holmes is getting screwed.
Not only is Corey Holmes being Abused by the low key Samoan but the Hamilton fans are too.
It’s Time For A Change!
Corey Holmes has asked to get out of town.
It is time for the Caretaker to stand up and fix the team.
Ottawa Died while Paopoa led them, Kani holding his hand all the while.
These people did not even talk to Corey while he was gone.
Corey Holmes wants out, wants to play where he will get a fair shake and have a chance to win.

Paopao is the reason.

Caretaker you have a choice to make.

If any Player, Coach or Fan knows or thinks that what is posted here is in any way wrong please post.

Here, here! I concur.

But the blind here cannot see the writing on the wall. They are ordinary working stiffs.

stiff yes , working no.

PS. change the title or the mods will.

That is the most rediculous thing I have heard today.

Besides where is the proof you have of this.
Corey is a class act and I think he wants to be here.

It might be rediculous of me but I'm looking for proof that he wants to be here.

Help me. Got any inside information?

Don't have any inside info sorry.

Coery Holmes IS a class act, that's why he wants out and has not complained openly about it.

Your entitled to your opinion which is cool and thanks for sharing it. I respectfully disagree with it but hold no ill feelings to you for expressing it.
Peace out

So why are you then?

I mean, this isn't the kind of talk that helps this team right now with all the other crap going on.....why did you join this site if this is all you're going to talk about?

Don't you at least have a complaint about the beer prices, lousy looking tickets, pigeon know, the normal stuff Hamiltonions complain about.... :lol:

This is pure speculation, and not good speculation at that. The burden is on the person making the contrary claim to provide proof. You can't claim the fact that he isn't walking around saying he wants to be here as proof that he doesn't. If that were the case, I clearly hate breathing because I can't remember the last time I said how much I love it.

I call forum troll.

What a load of crap. :thdn:
We really need all the negativity from Ottawa. Unless you can back up your comment re: Corey Holmes, you shouldn't be posting it. :cowboy:

if he hasn't discussed this openly then has he told you this ?

And if not , stop it now Blitz21.
Sorry , not enough spelling errors to be him. :slight_smile:

Come to IWS & ask Corry your Self..

He a man of God He Won't lie to you..

This is the most Straight up man
I have ever met.

These kind of Roomers are Trash..

He Values God Family then Work..
I respect That ..
By Saying this you Disrespect him ..

Right Onknight!

Seems like these Ottawa poster are always trying to stir the pot here in the hammer. We got enough boys to stir the pot.
No wonder their franchise keeps folding down there.....these guys seem pretty salty.
No need to worry about the Cats, we'll get it turned around. :cowboy:

If he leaves it is the wrong guy.
It is Corey or Paopao
He is too classy to bark.
But people need to know before it is too late.
It would not help the team if he left, I'm thinking that the other option might help.

The Argos hung on to the OC until he lost the team, it would have been nice to have Bishop when the old guy was out.(Bishop No play for Austin) The same could happen here. Lose players, games, then fans before it's fixxed.

Another Grey Cup before you ride off into the sunset would be Great Hitch.
Yeah, it's an inside Job.
Wake up the Caretaker!

You said it best, Onknight.

Cast your line someplace else, AllDayTroll.

Well, a few years ago a million Tiger Cat fans disrespected Anthony Calvillo into respectability. In fact they disrespected him into allstar status too. Unfortunately the Cats mgmt did little for him, so he went to montreal to get it.

Bye bye Corey. Sorry to see you go.


That is Funny Stuff.

Good Night From Ottawa, Not.

Its not Holmes wants out, Its Ottawa wants in. :wink:

I personally think we will lose Corey to Free Agency.

I think that he hasnt been used enough and unless they pay him to stay, and pay him soon.... he'll see Free Agency and we'll lose him.