Corey Holmes

"While tempers were flaring Corey reminded the guys to play as a team and to remember that you might not always see I to eye on things but you still must respect your teammates. The speech was motivational and received applause from the entire team."

This is exactly what we need. Not only can he get it done on the field but a positive leader in the locker room as well. This guy could quickly become my favorite player. Has anyone had a chance to talk with Corey?

Great Guy.. easy to talk to

i like already

I loved Holmes as a Rider, now that he is a Ticat I think I will pay really close attention to the Ticats, my pick in the East.

Riders and Ticats at the Greycup would be wonderful.

That would be the all-time rubber match (72, 89, 06?).

We would win, of course...

According to information on him that you can find on him of you click here, Holmes is one of the most popular players in the locker room. And I did hear about his leadership abilities as well. With everything he does on the field, whether it's as a running back, slotback, or kick returner, it may be easy to forget everything he does off the field.

The only thing I didn't like about Holmes last year was the fact he was a Rider. (The second most disliked team in the league for me). Now I think the guy is great!

Holmes is home now where he belongs. :rockin:

Holmes the man, the star. :thup:

holmes maas and vaughn will bring a lot of character to this team. plus along with what i've heard from sask fans he was the most popular guy on the team.

oh yeah.. and corey is probably the best all around athlete in the league

Well, we sure gave up a truck load to get him. I think he understands that and is ready to play and prove that he is worth more than Joseph.

I'm excited. I watched any Rider games that I could last year just to see Holmes play. Now I can get a real good look from section 8!

Hey - if Joseph gets cut, then we essentially got Corey AND a draft pick for NOTHING!!!

We got Vaughn for a conditional 4th or 5th round draft pick.

With these two athletes, we gained a tonne of leadership as well.

Corey is that you!!LOL

cmon everbody loves the Green Riders

Out of all the great players that have joined the team this year (Maas included, though I'm a big fan of his too), Holmes is the one I'm most excited about. :thup:

NOT EVERYONE!!! I Hate the Riders almost as much as I do the blue team.

I got my tickets to the first Ticats game at Taylor field just to see Holmes again. I hope he runs a touchdown back on us the first kickoff of the game. The crowd at Taylor field will go crazy for him, even if he is not still a Rider. However, that will turn out to be the points scored for the Ticats that game and th Riders will take their two points and move on.

I met him today at practice with my buddy on here Hitchcock, what a nice guy to talk to! :thup:

A great gentleman in this league for sure. :smiley:

Wow priceless. I honestly can't tell if your being serious or just making a pointless comment but either way I love it.

oh and you also got scott gordon. enjoy.

I was being serious. The Winnipeg Sun (IIRC) had an article on the possibility of Joseph being cut. Thanks for reminding me about Gordon.