Corey Holmes

The Als are making an offer to sign Corey Holmes. THere has been a problem in that, the team cannot locate him but will continue to search for him and negotiate a contract offer. Holmes was not used to any great degree by Hamilton last year and he is free to accept a contract. Holmes would be a valuable candidate to the team- especially to the speciality team as he has a great record at kick returning. This is an area of concern to the Als who have been lacking an effective return specialist since Ezra Landry left the team.

Where would he fit in the Als offense? Receiver? We're set at Running Back, of course he can still be used, we're set on Special teams with Bash and Tompkins... Unless Montreal is the only team offering him a contract, or if he's all about the money...I don't see why he would want to come here.

I got a feeling Holmes is done with the CFL. Maybe he's taking a year off and resting up to play in the AAFL next year.
I know Holmes was bitter because he was released the day before he was supposed to get a $30,000 bonus(jerk move of the riders part, IMO).

I agree that there's no logical reason why Montreal would want Holmes, given the fact that they are already set at the running back and special team positions.

I suspect they just want Holmes as a backup in case someone is injured. I also think Holmes realizes this in Montreals case and wants no part in the role of a backup.

If Holmes holds out, he could probably get a nice contract with the AAFL next year if he leaves the CFL as a starter.....not a backup.

If Corey Holmes is willing, I still believe the Als should bring him to training camp. I read today Edmonton signed K Stokes. I wonder why that team gave Tomkins to the Als? Bash is basically a special teams player. Holmes could play in the Als backfield where he is a proven threat. This could compliment their present offensive lineup!!

I just read in that Tomkins, as rated by his coach, was not adequate in his kick returning role. The Als, in effect, will have a kick returner that was not playing up to par by Edmonton. If possible, bring on Corey Holmes.

That's interesting. Tompkins was always the guy who I was most nervous Kicking too. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up returning kicks afterall.

Trestman is the mastermind of the West Coast offense, so we might see bizare things offensively, but effective. I'm anxious to find out.

Curious to know what the status is of the offer to Holmes......if he's signed or not.

If he is that creates some interesting competition in camp, what with Holmes, Tompkins, and Levingston.

As for your comment about Trestman, Ryoon, I've been giving some thought to this and I am not as negative as I was initially at the hire.

When Marc Who was first hired, I was disappointed that Richie Hall and Greg Marshall got passed over for a (to me) nobody.

But there may be a silver lining here. Trestman's resume is as an offensive minded guy. The past couple of seasons have seen CFL defences in the ascendancy over CFL offences. Perhaps bringing in a new head coach will bring a breath of fresh air with new ideas that no other CFL head coaches or offensive coordinators have thought of.....may give us a leg up with a few surprises catching opposing defences unawares.

Here's hoping anyway.

As much as I admire Holmes's passion for the game and what he's accomplished in years past, IMO he's washed up, and I doubt Trestman is interested in him as anything more than a body to push Tompkins and Levingston at training camp. The latter two players are more effective kick-returners. Cobourne is younger and faster as a slashing, Haskins-type running back. Holmes wouldn't be used more than occasionally at receiver, and certainly isn't going to dislodge Payton from the starting RB spot. So why bring him in at all?

Re: Trestman, while I am less negative now than I was initially (like MadJack), I still think it was a sub-optimal hire, mainly because we could have gotten a better deal by hiring Hall to be HC and Trestman to be OC. That way, we'd have CFL experience and defensive knowledge at the head-coaching position, while still acquiring an offensive specialist for the OC position.

But it's sink or swim now with what we've got, so I've made my peace with it. :slight_smile:

Really? I always thought of Cobourne as a physical, up-the middle type of back.

That may be only because the only running play we had in the offensive playbook last year was up the middle.

Well, like MadJack says, part of that may be because we only ran the ball up the middle. :slight_smile:

Also, don't get me wrong, Cobourne can be physical, but he has underrated acceleration and the ability to turn the corner when running east-west. I was down on the guy the whole year, because I didn't like him returning kicks, until I saw him carry the mail at RB for a game or two in relief of an injured Payton and realized that neither Popp nor Bellefeuille knew how to coach. :wink: Cobourne did a fine job in limited action at the position and would, IMO, be a great complement to Payton's smash-mouth, north-south power game.

Regardless, he's faster, stronger, and younger than Holmes.

So's Mike Imoh; wonder if we'll see him this year...........

Imoh, I completely forgot about him! Signing Holmes makes even less sense...

I don’t think he’ll end up an Alouette, but Corey Holmes is not washed up. He’s still a chain-mover on second downs.

He’s never been an every down back, but he has value all over the field–returning kicks, catching screens, running sweeps, blocking.

You put Holmes on the field on second down, and you won’t wind up in so many third-and-short situations that your power back and pivot can’t pick up.

The Riders did that down the stretch, and it worked out OK for them.

I would like to see Holmes with the Als. The only thing, I doubt he'll be a starter, and I fear that he may not be the best player to be around, if he's not on the field.