Corey Holmes

The Salary Management System has cost another veteran his job. Sad for Corey, but, unfortunately, the nature of the business. If he doesn't get any offers, he can be re-signed at a lower salary.

This sucks! :frowning:

He was apparetly making $165,000...

$165000. That is a lot. No wonder they released him.

Do y'all think that this is an issue of:

His best days being behind him?

His salary being too high?

Or a combo of both?

Thryllin, I think it is a combination of both, with the salary being the key issue. Paying over $100,000 for a non starter is just too much.
There are no shortage of running backs (as Shivers once said 'they are a dime a dozen') or return specialists...
I doubt that anyone else will pick him up at this salary, so the 'riders may re-sign him later.

He was released outright so he is effectively a free agent right now. The riders could resign him tomorrow if they wanted.

I suspect they wanted to also give him the opportunity to sign with another team.

He would have made $195, 000 this year as he was supposed to get a 30,000 bonus. Too much under the cap system for a player who isn't quite as good as he used to be 4 years ago.

Where did you hear that? Thats a significant bonus…

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