Corey Holmes

Did anyone else notice that Corey Holmes looked very slow in the Lions game, his kick returns did not look good at all he had no speed, and he wasn't used on Offence, i know he might be somewhat sore still. I hope next week they will use Cates more and hopfully Szarka also they need to get the running game going incase Joseph has his quarter of horrible passes, it would really help him out also, it seems he's always trying to win the game, there are lots of others that can help in doing this just use them.

Yeah, Corey wasn’t at his best - possibly the injury nagging but BC’s punt/kick coverage wasn’t the worst part of their game either. It’s one place where they won the battle over us.

I cant believe how fast Eddie Davis was when he tackled Smart... I thought dude had a TD easy... Im happy Eddie got him obviously...

I have to agree with you there. That really was the type of play that'll give your team a lift.

Yes I believe they scored right after that play, but Eddie really showed some HEART on that play. I'm have no doubt in my mind that play picked up the whole team.

I honestly couldnt believe it. When Smart was running it back and it looked like he was going to score, I was in the middle of saying something I shouldnt have (lol) and then out of the corner of my eye, I see #29 running and gaining ground like crazy. Amazing play by perhaps our teams defensive leader.

Yeah. I dont understand your surprise though. Unless you are under 22 I ask you this...are you as fast as you were last year?

This edition of CH is not the same guy who won 2 special teams player of the year honors in the early to middle part of the decade. But who is better than a shadow of themselves year after year in pro sport?

I guaruntee you his magic has not expired. If you too watch closely, you'll see the flashes of brilliance that remain.


i know Corey's returns were not the greatest but I think our blocking schemes on punt and kickoff returns seem to be lacking. On most of Corey's attempts the BC guys were on top of him almost immediately after he received the ball with little or no real opportunity for a return. Most importantly though he never coughed up the football.

Thats Alex Smith dusty. He generally isn’t known for having the best blocking schemes.

If I'm Austin, I'd be having a hard time choosing between Holmes and Ranek right now....

Oh darn I hope no one misunderstood me. Its just that the Eddie Davis play blew me away.

I'm all for Corey Holmes. I agree about the lack of blocking part. I was saying it all afternoon to my buddy.
Corey's our man, look at the heart & sole he put into the Calgary game. The man was hurting, hurting real bad & he still played his heart out.
Watch this last game again, he had very poor blocking. IMHO he wasn't given much of a chance to return it.