Corey Holmes

Welcome back Corey. It was great to see Corey in fine form on Saturday. The trade with Hamilton was brilliant Especially after seeing Armstead contributing to the Hamilton loss to Winnipeg by running 5 yards out of the end zone rather than conceding the single.

Poor Armstead.

I hope Corey can get #19 back after this season

I do not understand the issue behind which number someone has on his jersey. Seems to me to be a tad insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Well its garbage that he cant get his number because of a rule that apparently doesnt matter anyways... See Casey Printers...

Yeah, J man's right, that is bullsh!t. I guess Corey Holmes isin't a big enough star to break the rules. :roll:

Is Corey Holmes even considered a star anymore??

I like the guy, he still seems to be running hard,
but i dont see star quality, big or small.

The way Hamilton was using him, how could he be? He will go pretty nicely here I think. Watch for a punt return TD this weekend! :twisted: :lol:

Care to make a wager about that td?

hmm depends...

I make a wager on that happening EVERY GAME!

I shop at Safeway, they swipe my safeway card, I wait for them to show my name for the Safeway Million Dollar touchdown to win but to no avail.

I would be happy just winning the Widescreen TV or even the vaccuum.

Yet I continue to buy overpriced Cheez Whiz and and not so fresh Tomatoes.

I know what you mean thryllin. I do the same. I beleive in about 10 years (if this contest still exsists) i'll have put in a million bucks before i win it. :lol: