How many syllables is that?
As long as we are talking about Yo, I have one word for you....octogenarian...

This is great bring em back holmes. If he is lacking in the return department he will boost the team on the sideline and fan support.

now all we need to do is get a hold of CURTIS MARSH

Ya Baby ! I like Jason, good player, good guy, but Corey is awesome. I knew he would be coming back. Getzlaf, good local receiver with height. Good trade for the Riders, bad for Jason.

I hear ya. I agree that it is not a clear-cut slam dunk. Every move has its risks that it won't turn out. Even the Cates move looks good in hindsight, after Cates has proven himslef. It could have gone the other way and would have just been another immemorable trade amongst many others.

But as for making a trade like this when we are 6 and 2, it is possible that we don't know all the reasoning behind it. The other thing is it can send a message that, even at 6 and 2, you gotta continue to perform as no one is untouchable. I'm sure (at least I hope) that is not the main reason, but it could have that incidental effect.

I wanted to wish the Riders Luck with Their
new Players
Both Men are very Classy People
I will Still Use My Holmes Jersey With Pride.
I only Wish I got to say Goodbye to them Both.

But Face it we Hamilton Need a This Trade.
We need someone who can be #1 WR.

Onknight, thanks, good on ya. Armstead is good and I hope he works out for you and that you guys make the playoffs with him.

BTW, I just read the "Your Call" comments on this story on TSN's website - vast majority, both Ham, Sask and neither's fans' comments, think it was a good trade for both - surprising, but good

I agree that the timing of this trade is off. It just doesn't seem Eric Tillman and Kent Austin to do a trade like this now.

The conspiracy theorist in me wants to say that Jim Hopson and the Board of Directors forced this one on Tillman and Austin. The timing is just too weird.

But I don't wanna complain or be negative.

But I have to agree, personal bias aside, I think Armstead is a better football player (especially in the present). I don't think Armstead was the problem on returns as much as the blocking down field was.

Welcome home Corey!!

There is now a hole in our recieving core! Fantuz, this could be your chance of redemption. I'm rooting for you.
ps. I know Fantuz is more of a slot than a wideout. But I think this is a good opportunity for him to reestablish himself. Armstead will be missed whether the majority of fans realize it or not.

I just checked the Dallas Cowboys website, roster, injury report and depth chart. Jamal is listed on their roster but not on the injury list or on their depth chart. He may make the practise roster at best.
Arius, I agree that he may not come back to the Riders but if you were him wouldn't you at least take a VERY serious look at a team that is very much in contention and a QB who you know? I think that it may be very possible that he returns and I think that Tillman knows it.

Armstead is a far better player right now. He is more versatile becasue we don't have a receiver who can be a running back like Armstead but cates is a good receiver. Skill wise i would take Keith over Holmes if he came back so what does that mean for him trade bait??? Armstead is younger than him which also makes me not understand this situation. I think this like Tillman running with the flag is more marketing genius than a good football move but we are sold out already for the next game so I don't know why they would do this now.

But as for making a trade like this when we are 6 and 2, it is possible that we don't know all the reasoning behind it. The other thing is it can send a message that, even at 6 and 2, you gotta continue to perform as no one is untouchable. [b]I'm sure (at least I hope) that is not the main reason[/b], but it could have that incidental effect.
I sure hope that is not even remotely the reason. It seems likely this deal was in the works before the big win, but "sending a message" like you suggest would be foolish when the team is on a 4 game win streak and in 1st place. You can only use the stick so much, but if you never use the carrot, then eventually the team will blow up.

I’m not saying he won’t come back here, I am just pointing out that, unlike KK, he is under no obligation to come back here.
I think we are under some severe cap pressure because of all our injuries and there are several teams who are more desparate for a receiver than we are, so he will look at all his options.
ET wasn’t interested in Derek Armstrong last year, so I see Jamal in that same boat.

watching the CTV news at noon today, they had an interview with Tillman about the trade. Now, i dont remember the exact way tillman put it, but i believe he siad something to the effect that: a few weeks ago Jason came to him saying that he wanted to be more involved. and now that gives jason more of a chance.
And about Corey: tillman said he was like a little kid, he was soo excited to be coming back to Saskatchewan (which answers someone question earlier about his heart always being in Saskatchewan.)

I've thought about this, and, after the sudden, emotional shock of getting a fan-favourite back, I think even on an objective level, it makes some sense. Here, if you will, is the case for Corey:

  1. The RB situation - it's been said we don't need another RB. I disagree. If Cates were to go down, we don't have anyone who can even come close to stepping in and doing the same job. Childs is not that guy, clearly, and if Bracey is behind him yet, then, well....But Holmes is exactly the kind of back Cates is, and could probably come in and the offence would see minimal disruption.

  2. Return game - This is at worst a wash for us. Armstead had one good one, but other than that was adequate, but not stellar.

  3. Receiver - this can be interpreted as creating a hole at the receiver spot, at least temporarily. But they wouldn't have pulled the trigger unless they either (a) knew Yo was gonna be good to go the week after Labour Day, or (b) they have a new body they want in that spot or even (c) they think Holmes can play the slot, moving Grant back outside. I've always thought of Holmes as kind of a Craig Ellis-type player - a rb who may be better as a full-time receiver. I wouldn't mind seeing him get that shot. Or, if Fantuz is gonna be the guy, then it's a ratio-changer, allowing them to start an import somewhere.

For those who think Hopson or someone made anyone do something, that's not really possible - that would be a serious step over the line by the Board, and there is no reason or even indication of something that drastic here.

In any event, I think I like the move....

Considering how Armstead has slipped to being the #3 receiver, plus the struggles he's had on punt returns, it is probably in his best interest to go to hamilton. There Armstead can be the #1 or #2 receiver. That's what he needs.

and that is what he wants

and that is what he deserves

It was suggested in a Article that Armstead went to Tillman requesting more playing time, I think he will get that chance in Hamilton.

Good Luck Jason!!

I always thought Corey was one of the classiest players in the league, but it really says something when he goes to Hamilton and really doesn't accomplish a whole lot with them, and the fans still have nothing but good to say about him :slight_smile:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Nice to see Corey (and Chris) back home in green & white!