WE GOT COREY HOLMES BACK! A trade sending Armstead to hammyton for Holmes and Getzslaf. Welcome back Corey! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Very good trade IMO. We have plenty of recievers, especially in a few weeks when hopefully Yo Murphy will return, so its not like we got a huge loss with Armstead. And Corey Holmes I think will be very effective if hes finally given a chance here.

Welcome Home Cory YAAHOOO!!!!

Little bit off topic here, but what # do you think Holmes will wear? 19 is taken by Johnson and 3 is taken by Flick. Just a stupid curiosity.

is this true...I hope not cuz this is the worst trade we could do...armstead is finally getting back into form and he's a threat everytime he touches the ball....Holmes is a great personality, his football skills are deminished and we really dont need another running back...

I would only be okay with this trade if they annouced soon that we got clermont...then we could line up flick as a wideout and have clermont and fantuz as slots...

Holmes isin't diminished he just played for a bad team in hammyton that never used him. And armstead wasn't great he was okay.

Holy Crap! You could knock me over with a feather right now.

But why give up Armstead! Why now!! He's been playing pretty good if you ask me!

I'm concerned about Corey's diminished playing as well and do we need another RB.

But I'll give Austin and Tillman the benefit of the doubt. They've made nothing but great moves so far this year.

Go Riders Go!!!

Armstead is a fast reciever but in reality how many catches is he having per game. Right now Flick and Dominguez are the main targets. Other than 1 TD return (albeit a great return), he hasn't been lighting it up there either. I think that this is a fantastic trade. Who will replace Armstead as a reciever? What about Jamal Richardson (I hear rumours, he may not catch on in the NFL)

Now that is a rumour I could sink my teeth into!
If we got Jamal back, then this deal all makes sense...
The problem is, Jamal is a free agent.
No guarantees we get him back....

Terrible trade! Why give up Armstead? First of all Armstead was terribly under used in our offence, he is a deep threat and a guy every team would love to have and we give him away for a guy that hasn't done anything in 2 years and another reciever that won't play...Look at the opening play last game with that flea flicker, Armstead got in behind the safety and he had to haul him down which gave us the pass interference call which set up the td.

What has Holmes done to make himself so great..nothing, and don't say it is because he is in Hamilton. Jesse Lumsden is in Hamilton and that doesn't seem to bother him any! Great players stick out wherever they go and Holmes is not a great football player. He is a terrible reciever and likes to fumble. The only reason he led the league in All purpose yards is because he played running tailback, reciever, punt returner and kickoff returner. So obviously you are going to get a lot of yards playing those 4 positions.

Yes, our special teams are terrible but Holmes won't be any better or worse than Armstead. Alex Smith is the guy that needs to go. He is the worst special teams coach in the league and is absolutely useless.

I'm not just saying all of this because I'm a huge Armstead fan either, it's the business of the game and I understand that but the whole thing makes no sense. We are 6-2 for the first time in 30 years, first in the league and NOW you mess around with the roster. I just don't get that and also why get a running back and ANOTHER reciever? Don't get me wrong it is fantastic we have a young canadian reciever that has a chance to be an impact reciever but we don't need that right now. If we had to trade Armstead why the h*ll didnt we go after a good defensive back. Eddie Davis is still hurt, Kornegay, Lucas and Frazer got absolutely lit up by Ricky why wouldn't you try to send Armstead to somewhere like Toronto and try and pry Byron Parker or Jordan Younger out of there.

Like I said Armstead was not a huge part of our offence anyways which was confusing and I don't think it will effect things too much but I just don't understand the timing of the trade at all. It will be great to see Holmes back here but at the same time he is not going to be the answer...a new special teams coach and getting rid of Alex Smith would of been the first thing to do before trading guys...

Hopefully Corey will be able to find some spark coming back here!!! fingers crossed


You are right, If we could get Richardson back and if he kept his nose clean this deal could work out.

However Armstead led us last year in TD catches but how is he supposed to put up numbers when the ball never gets thrown in his direction. I wish we would have went deep to him more often as he can draw P.I penalities with his speed...

Don't forget Yo Murphy!

Hrmph I don't like this, I am not a fan of messing with the team chemistry that thay have going on. If this was a deal that was made in the off season i would probably be more receptive to it, but after one of the biggest victories in recent Rider History it just kind of rubs me the wrong way.

To me it seems we gave up more than we are getting back, we just lost a starting slot/wideout/kick returner and got a rookie slot from a practise roster and a kick returner. I mean Holmes is a great guy, possibly the nices guy to have ever sported the green and white, Its just not right atm.

I was shocked when I saw the headline on the main page.

But I am more shocked at the negative reaction of some of you.

Don't get me wrong - I think Jason's been doing very well and is an asset to the team, someone who contributes to why we are now in first place. I would have been content that he stay. But to say things like "this is the worst trade we can do"? Give your heads a shake. How short are your memories anyways? Good thing not everyone lives in the "what have you done lately mentality", otherwise we would not have "underachievers" like Flick, Boreham (who I have had to eat crow about - I thought he stunk and would always stink but he's proved me wrong) and others.

Some of you say that Holmes was ordinary, if not worse, in Hamilton. Is that true of Boreham, Flick and other players (from Hamilton or otherwise) who are shining with us this year and didn't where they were last? There is this thing we call "fit". It applies to football teams like it does to business organizations. Sometimes people don't fit in one system but excel in others. Corey didn't fit in Hamilton from the word go.

Speed_Kills, you say the reason Holmes had the most all purpose yards a couple years ago with us is because he played 4 positions. Apart from the qualities I already listed, that's exactly what makes him valuable - he's versatile.

Then there is the intangibles - Holmes' attitude in the locker room, positive role model, team player, non selfish, etc. (not saying for a moment that Armstead didn't have most of these). On top of that, I think Holmes loved playing here; he loved the province and its fans; he might have even loved Regina, heaven forbid. I am not sure his heart ever left. If that is so, that has a double effect: first, it can have been a factor in his reduced production in Hamilton (yeah, yeah, I know, shouldn't matter to "professionals" ... as if they are not human); second, it bodes well for his drive to succeed here, coming back "home".

And those of you who think that we are complete at running back ... really? I think Cates is doing great. Childs might have potential - we don't really know for sure as he is not proven. And that, and one other thing, is exactly the problem - we don't know for sure. The "other thing" is this little problem that every team has and only some harp on: injuries. If Cates gets injured, personally, I wouldn't want to just have Childs around.

Finally, while I don't give it alot of weight, some might: Holmes is revered and Getzlaf is another "local boy". It's going to resonate with some fairweather fans, but it is fairweather fans that make the difference between 25,000 and a sellout at Taylor Field.

Anyways, this is not an issue of black and white, good versus bad. It is an issue of degree. Does the trade make an incrimental improvement for the team in both the short term and the long term? This is one good player for another, with a "future potential" player thrown in. I think the answer is "yes".

Two things with yo.
First, he can't come back until after Labour Day at the earliest.
But second, the guy is 36 years old and rehabbing a serious achilles injury.
He might not be coming back...
I hope he does, because you hate to see a guy go out like that, but it would be foolish to count on his return.
If they don't have a plan B, then we have a problem.

IMO Holmes himslef could replace Armstead at WR.

Legalbeagle you are right Holmes is versitile but at the same time he is not putting up the numbers he should be in all 5 positions..Armstead has numbers in only 3 of those categories and is still 154 yards ahead of him. If he was used to run the ball and if he would be allowed to take a missed field goal out of the endzone he would be top 2 or 3 in the league easily. Armstead is 6th overall and the second highest reciever and is only 19 all purpose yards behind Albert Johnson who has numbers in 4 of the 5 categories. Also Armstead only has 12 kickoff returns..if he would take all of them he would be #2 in the league behind Ian Smart. Jason Armstead is one H*LL of an athlete and if he would have been used more here, he would be staying. He can stretch a defense vertically better than anyone in the league, he is the type you can run reverses with to keep the defense on their heels a little bit and he also can throw the football decently for a reciever. He has a ton of skill, it just wasn't used properly so far this year IMO. He led the team in Td's last year...He can make things happen if you put the ball in his hands.

Gcup89 there is no way Holmes could replace Armstead by himself as a reciever..are you drunk haha?? Holmes can't catch a cold and can't run any other pattern besides a flat route or a curl. He will be dominant in our return game which is what we have him for but not as a reciever..sorry.

I'm definitely not trying to be "negative" about this but Corey Holmes is not as big as everyone is making him out to be. At the same time I know Armstead isn't league MVP material either but is still overall better than Holmes IMO. Holmes is a fan fav and because of that he gets built up more than he is. Not taking away his ability to return the football because we all saw what he is capable of. I still think that Jason Armstead is a better athlete and a better football player than Corey Holmes is. I don't think Corey will do any better or worse than Jason did with our returns and we are losing big time with the recieving void Armstead left and we lose a lot of possible trick plays and a legitimate deep threat. At least we still have D.J Flick that can still be somewhat of a deep threat.

Bottom line I don't we won this trade and with all the great recievers we have we didn't really lose too much but still lost a little bit. I just don't get why this trade was made now when we are first in the league and 6-2 for the first time in 30 years..if we were 2-6 then maybe to shake things up but definitely not now.


As much as i'd hate to think he wont be back i must admit you got a very good point(s)

Haha good question, I'm curious to now that you mention it.

Sweet jesus the riders are the come up now, first place is ours (for the time being), Buck Pierce is out for a couple weeks which gives us a great chance to expand our lead for first and now a great accustition! Armstead is a great reciever BUT the truth is Dominguez and Flick are doing a great job alone right now. I expect Fantuz to pick it up sooner or later too. Also, don't worry about Corey being used, I don't see this team letting him be under used. Maybe I'm just being optimistic because of how good we've look already this year, just hope we can keep it up. Either way I think that home play off spot (2'nd place obviuosly) is a lock. Go Riders Go!

PS - Eric Tillman gained big points in my book by coming out and watching the game in the pooring rain with us at the end and then waving the flag!

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