Corey Holmes

After six games in to the season and after repeated statements about Corey Holmes playing time,why is he under utilized. I hate to compare other teams to our situation, however look at Dominic Dorsey - Blashir Livingston - Tony Smart ( not sure of his first name fron BC ).

We need a bonified speedster on the rerurn team. Corey Holmes is not that guy. Either they figure out a way to add him in to the mix with Lunsden - or make a trade.

well i kinda hate to say it but make a trade and pick up some good veteran talent on D

Trust me He will be back there more often.

Who are you going to trade him for? We have good young talent at every position. (Seriously...think about it).

If Bob Young is ok paying Holmes big bucks to be full-time punt and kick returner and once-in-a-while receiver/running back, that's ok with me.

Soon Holmes will take a kick to the house in spectacular fashion (he's due) and everyone will wonder why fans ever wanted us to trade him.

In Riderville, Holmes regularly lit up the scoreboard on kick returns, and he will do it again in Hamilton. And that will prove invaluable, especially in the playoffs (if we make it that far). Special teams is one-third of the game, after all.

Speaking of Corey ... who else thought it was pretty tacky of the stadium announcer to point out that Corey got 4 yards and Jesse got 211. Jesse had one HECK of a night but don't take it out on Corey.

If Jesse is working,(and clearly he is), stick with him. I think that the cats should utilize corey as a Slotback.

The thing is:

Both Corey or JoJo could and is able to take a FEW back to the house. The only reason it hasnt come to light yet is the blocking.

The plan was to have both on kick return to make more of a Threat on the field.

But seeing how there isnt any trick plays yet, its going to take time before everyone is on the same page.

And for the punt well hell you guys see that during the game.

we need to keep Cory for next year after Jesse is offered handfuls of money to go south

Corey Holmes is a class act. He is a gentleman and a model we could all try to emulate.

In terms of his use on the team this season and last, he hasn’t been getting enough touches and therefore can’t produce the yards. The question is, 'why isn’t he more of a consideration on offense?" Reasons could include the fact that he isn’t needed there as often because of the new offensive structure or, and I hate to say this, but possibly, at age 31 he’s lost a step or two and simply isn’t the threat he once was.

In terms of running back kicks, he still needs a breakout game and hopefully, we’ll see that soon.

If the team continues to use him the way they do, I think they should try to trade him for another speedster since he will inevitably have a big contract which might be better spent elsewhere.

I think the world of Corey as a person and truly want to see him perform well, but if it isn’t there or if it IS there but not being used, I say trade him.

I hate to confuse you with the facts but:

  1. Corey Holmes is the second leading yards producer on the team, with 587 (seventh in the league). Lumdsden is first on the Cats, and second in the league with 788. Brock Ralph is third on the Cats with 348. Underutilized? For the first two games. A myth thereafter.

  2. Holmes was special teams player of the YEAR with Saskatchewan. He's no slower or worse at finding holes than he was then. Get the right blocking (which requires some consistency in special teams personnel), and he could easily do it again.

The Thing is Our Punt Covrage gas been Great.
But Our Blocking for Return Needs alot of Work.

Fix it and Maybe Corey and Jojo Can Break one.

I say keep Corey. Let him continue to handle the return game and work him in the offense little by little every game. Jesse is dominating so we need to ride him as long as possible. It is a long season and injuries do happen, so at least Corey is an quality backup. And to my knowledge JoJo didn't take a punt or kick to the house in college, so what makes you think it'll happen here?

its Ian Smart :smiley:

and i think corey Holmes should be used at slotback or on hitch passes to the outside.....and for wat i saw against montreal where we faked handing the ball to the lumsden and then tossed it to Corey Holmes

put JoJo AND Corey back returning kicks

also toronto now has a 3 great kick returners in bashir levingston and dominic dorsey and arland bruce

and even though i like him and think he is still a great player...but were not using him.....maybe trade him to toronto to pick up bashir or dominic to bolster our return game

also keith stokes is a free agent right now so we could just sign him to bolster our return game

cuz i would hate to see corey go to the argos....

You hit the nail right on the head. Our blocking has not been opening up any lanes for our returners. It doesn't matter who you have back there returning kicks and punts, without good blocking the returner has to evade EVERYBODY.

As for under-using Corey on Offence, I feel he needs more touches. Both as a receiver and RB, able to take swing passes and line up as a SB. The thing is, Jesse has been playing so well, that you CAN'T take the ball out of his hands. I'd say that Corey will get more touches against Edmonton as they will likely key on Jesse.

I hope you're right sig. Corey definitely needs more touches to do his thing (if its still in him to do so) and the Edmonton game would be good timing for this.

Holmes- was a bit of a distraction from the 1st team pace,. Would have been better lumsden gets 20 reps, not only 12.