Corey Holmes!!!

I don't know if this topic has been discussed or not.

But why does Corey holmes get barely any playing time?

I mean, For a weekend people have been going crazy talking about the QB Ti-cat Situation.

Meanwhile, Hamilton Has Jesse Lumsden and Corey Holmes and the aren't even giving them a chance to play.

It would be great to see Hamilton establish the run game this coming week.

Corey Holmes played like an absolute superstar for Saskatchewan, GIVE HIM THE BALL.

Yeah, Holmes certainly played some good ball as a Rider. The Ticats have made some interesting decisions over the last couple of years (to stay within the realm of political correctness), underutilizing Holmes doesn't surprise me at all.

However, as the saying goes, you're only as good as your weakest link. The ticats have chosen to go in a much much different direction from last year, bringing in a lot of new/young players so there will be growing pains.

it would be great for hamilton to establish any offensive game!

Even though there are a lot of new tallent on the team and less veterns are on the team, more experienced players should be given all the same to help lead an example of what to do or not to do.

Obviously, line him up with Lumsden in the backfield like Imoh and Edwards in Montreal.

We should have a real close look on how the Als do this on Saturday night, I fear!!!

Why can't anybody in Ticat authority ever figure out how to use this great player???

Maybe because we can't remember what an MVP looks like???

Oh yea, and on our receivers and return game, who had the brain cramp to get rid of DJ Flick and Devon Fowkes - it wouldn't have been Marcel The Parcel, would it???

I understand the Holmes issue but as for the Fowlkes release Jo Jo Walker is by far the better player and way more useful

I think as a new member try and be more positive towards the team considering most of your posts have been negative.

Hey buddy, this is my 50th year of following the TiCats, many of which have been as a long time season ticket holder in Section 26.

Were you around when Chuck Ealey and Jerry Williams took us to one of our greatest Grey Cups right at Ivor Wynne in 1972. Remember that Dave Fleming in and out of the end zone catch.

If not, listen to the voice of experience and you might learn something about getting smoked by a massive PR Machine.

But that dosen't change the fact that these 2007 TiCats are the WORST group of wannabe losers I have ever seen in those 50 years!

And I live and die with these guys as a Die Hard Fan but the garbage on field performances we have been seeing especially over the past two+ years are killing me.

Where is that old TiCat pride??? The Fans should be screaming for Head Office blood right now like we used to with a lot better products in the past, believe me

Is that enough bedtime stories for tonight Sonny?

Good one!

Looks like you are awake, after all.


All I can say is for being someone that is an elderly ticat fan you are probably the most childish one here but ill stop now before Mr. Caretaker locks this thread too cuz he didn't want me embarassing lame members that post once and a blue moon and they are always negative!

SORRY Caretaker this is the last time it will happen I'm just tired of "wannabe fans" bashing our team instead of supporting them.

I swear half the people on this blog must be on the company payroll and work for Bob The Caretaker!

I knew it. I finally figured it out.

Sometime it takes awhile but I eventually get it being rather new on this politically correct web site.

'It's a Big Conspiracy to brainwash us all and keep us all in line. Obey. Obey. Obey.'

And if that dosen't work, let's censor your butt!

I have been and will always support the TiCats through thick and thin by buying multiple season tickets every year no matter how bad they are or how good they can become.

But that gives me, the consumer, the absolute right to have a strong opinion always. It has nothing to do with being negative or positive. It has everything to do with being a passionate fan!

So turn off your computer if you can't take it and maybe I'll see you at the next game with all my TiCat gear heavily on. I wonder what colours you will be wearing or if you will even be there.

All we Die Hard Fans want is to WIN and when we are badly embarrassing ourselves as a team, it is up to us 'old' Guardians of the Cat Tradition to keep the Flame of Tiger Pride going.

And if that means keeping big time pressure on management to give us a quality product with quality players, then that is what we must always do.

Otherwise, you will end up settling for a Mediocre Mess like we have been enduring over the past three seasons or being left bored to do The Wave when we are down 22-5 like last Saturday night.

I find this totally unbelievable because I couldn't keep my eyes off any play that might have somehow gotten us back into it against the hated Argos and this nonsense was disrupting my intense concentration!

But hey, different stripes for different types - just don't call yourself a Die Hard Fan!

Oh yea and BTW -

Go! Cats! Go! Oskiweewee Forever!

P.S - I ain't a grandpa yet and I prefer an ice cold one before going to bed if you must know which shows you just how long I have been living and dying with MY Cats at still such a young age!

If you need any more advice on how to be an avid sports fan, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Well if you must know I do wear Black and Gold proud with my custom jersey I bought two years ago and I also attend every game. As for being a "Die Hard Fan" I'm sorry but you sound like a Maple Leafs fan! When ever your team does poorly you turn on them blaming everyone insight. I can speak for 100% of the people on this site that we don't need negative fans here crying about what the team should do. If you were a "Die Hard Fan" you wouldn't be on this site bashing every aspect of the team and our Owner who SAVED THE TEAM SO YOU CAN WATCH YOUR BELOVED TEAM PLAY!!!!!!

I could careless if you have bought season tickets for your entire life it doesn't make your opinion worth anything to the team all your doing is gaining negative attention.

If you don't like the teams performance then don't buy tickets and stop supporting them. You say you support them through thick and thin but really your just liing to your self considering everytime we lose you come online and cry to everyone about how poor we are playing. A REAL fan looks for Positives and doesn't enforce or highlight the negatives. Being negative is not making anything happen but negatives.

Well this quote sums it all up for me and finalizes my point...

"Otherwise, you will end up settling for a Mediocre Mess like we have been enduring over the past three seasons or being left bored to do The Wave when we are down 22-5 like last Saturday night."

Well if being hard on management is what we have got to do then why has it been 3 years??? and if your method works so amazingly PLEASE TELL ME WHY IT IS THE THIRD YEAR LIKE THIS????????

Thank You And Good Night!!

Don't Bother Replying Because No One Wants To Hear Your Crying Anymore!

Bob Young THANK YOU!!! For saving our franchise! Don't listen boneheaded fans that are not part of the solution and part of the problem keep up the Great! work and this team will turn around!

Yours Truly

A REAL Die Hard Ti-Cat Fan

If we can learn to block right then there would be holes for Holmes to run!

Start with that snob Mitchell first!

I believe the original topic was Holmes the running back/ receiver.He was hurt much of last year and to these old eyes it appears that he may have lost a step.I'm probably wrong but that might explain his under utilization.
Taaffe will find a way to use Cory and his skills. Perhaps it's time for Dyakowski to start at right tackle. Davis is getting older but not any better. Give the kid a chance.
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

I'm going to ignore Stox' rambling litany of nonsensical complaints (the same nonsense he's said in every post) and simply state that I'm happy with mamagement and very happy with Bob's caretaking of HIS team.

No amount of ticket purchasing qualifies you to have any say if team operations.

Anyways, back to Holmes. I really like Holmes and think if he were utilised more effectively we could have the real offensive weapon we need to open up the passing game. Holmes as a SB would be fantastic!

However, if we're not going to get him on the field for basically every offensive down, then we should really be shopping him for a top quality guy we can use. As I've said, I think Holmes is a great player, but if we're going to misuse him, we should get as much value as we can in return for him. Say a Jermaine Copeland or a likewise talented receiver.

I know it's only two games in, something many people fail to grasp, but at least keep our options open.

Exactly! If we were to trade Holmes who would we trade with him Ralph and maybe a draft pick? and to what team maybe Edmonton?

I think we could trade for T.J. Acree #84 and Stanford Samuels #10 from Edmonton for Corey Holmes and Brock Ralph and a 2008 draft pick.

WHY???? why trade???
We need holmes.......and we use holmes!!!!!!!!

I woudn't matter who was in the back field on the 7th, there was never a block for them anyway.

I trust coach will get more out of the "O" line this week.....I hope!!!

If they do you'll see more Holmes and Lumsden!!!


Yada! Yada! Yada!

Blah! Blah! Blah!

So you think you measure up to be a REAL Die Hard Fan?

Then, please take a few seconds to complete the following:


Note - I have slightly changed wording in certain sections per standing instructions to reflect the individual characteristics of our local team.

  1. Have you purchased season tickets for longer than 10 years?

  2. Do you try to trade up every season in avid support of your team and try to get the best seats in the house?

  3. Do you attend each and every game?

  4. Do you wear full team colours to all games and always bring whatever noise makers you can including airhorns and megaphones, if possible?

  5. Do you always get involved actively in every Oskiweewee cheer?

  6. Do you ever do the Wave?

  7. Do you think team Mascots are stupid?

  8. Are you the one who always starts the Argos S***s chant in your section or energetically participate and support anyone else who does?

  9. Do you spot and berate any Argo fan you see any place, any where, any time?

  10. Did you or would get married in the off season if it meant not missing any game?

Now the answers to these questions are obvious for REAL Die Hard Fans. If you get a prefect score, you have arrived, buddy, and I sincerely apologize for my 'negative' behaviour.

However, if you don't, then you are just another Party Goer that would never survive the likes of a Section 26 or Box J, for example.

Party Goers are well known for their here today, gone tomorrow attitudes when they get bored with all the 'fun' promotions. I literally have seen thousands upon thousands of these elusive creatures disappear and never be seen again over my long tenure at Ivor Wynne!

P.S. I will provide the right answers (i.e. Y/N) to the above questions if you really need them to impress any of your like minded friends.

Oh yea and btw - GIVE HOLMES THE BALL!!!

stox you are my hero, Im tired of coming on here and watching all these self proclaimed die hard fans, who act like if we dont have 200 posts on this message board and arent board 'regulars' who know everyone here by their first name, we cant be passionate fans. Im not bashing but some of us just dont have time to post on here.

But Stox is absolutely bang on, Bob is a nice guy and I will be forever grateful to him for saving my cats from possible destruction, BUT
that does not mean we all have to sit back, close our yaps, and sit on our hands.
'Trust Bob' 'Trust Marcel' 'Trust Tafte' its all I hear, well guess what, I do not enjoy being the laughingstock of the CFL.

It is at the point where other fans are not laughing at us anymore, they now pity us.

Just sit there and dont complain, keep supporting your horses you got behind regardless (I agree Maas is the starter of this team but how can ANYONE support him starting through these injuries?! I Still cant figure this out)

I want to vomit when I think, here we have holmes...who we dont even use... when we could instead have Kerry Joseph (I realize that it wasnt the same regime in place but its still sickening)

Im all for the great atmosphere, family fun at Ivor Wynne but face the facts, win, and the game is fun I dont care whats going on. At least keep it close, GIVE ME A TOUCHDOWN to cheer about, is this too much to ask?

Apparantly this year it is.

Give holmes the ball, at least if we're going to be blown out of the water he's still fun to watch.