Corey Holmes wasting away

This has been mentioned at nausium on this site over the past weeks, but it is worth mentioning again:

As upset as I am with the refs blown calls in tonights game, I am as upset that Corey Holmes STILL isn’t involved more in the game. Even with Jesse playing like a beast tonight, I just refuse to believe that Holmes can’t be a more useful weapon in our offence and that he won’t be effective in plays that are designed for him.

In fact with with Jesse running wild, and the passing game struggling, even more reason in a 2 back set that we should have ran the ball down their throat with both players.

Perhaps I’m looking at this the wrong way? Maybe the coaching staff believes that his performance isn’t worthy of playing time. If this is the fact, then he should have been already traded to get something of value back.


I feel like its only a matter of time before hes traded.

WASTING!!! not waisting

I wish we would use Holmes like we used Amerson back in the late 90s, as a versitile offensive threat. He can catch better than most of our recievers.

It's late, oops. Fixed, thanks



lol... n/p

They should use him more, but pretty hard to get him involved when Lumsden is rolling like that.

I honestly think with Lumsden having a game like that, Holmes should have an easier time getting into the game. Obviously the Lions are watching Lumsden closely, throw them a little Holmes to keep them off balance.

If I lived in Hamilton, I would be down there in their faces demanding answers and if I was a ticket holder, I would demand to see a lot more of holmes or I would seriously think about taking a couple of seasons off. If...

Well you can argue that they have gotten better every week though. They are making progress and have looked much better the last two weeks.

holmes is one of my fav players. but where do you play him?
dickerson is blocking well, alas lumsden. maybe in the slot, but id like see him on punt returns not just kickoffs.