Corey Holmes wants back to Riderville

:P Apparently, Corey Holmes wants to come home! Boy, with him back in the backfield and special teams we could legitametly win the Cup!! :cowboy: :cowboy: :rockin: :thdn:

We could so use Corey that guy, :slight_smile: and can he bring some fire to light up this team? :cowboy: ...I so want them to go for that ball no matter what, and stop with the ankle tackles all those misses are really ugly man! :thdn: Hit higher and hard. :thup:

Wait till the season is over, then we will see if Corey returns!

Don't let the Hamilton fans find that out...they're hanging by a thread now. :wink:

trade dorsey and szarka for him.. or do they want crandel ?? ... what happened to hathaway?

Think he would give the riders all that more more of a boost in the locker room... (also if he does come back, watch KK need to improve his game to save his spot :thup: )

Wow, KK would have to improve his game. How does he do that?

He leads all RBs in yard per carry.
He is the Riders 3rd leading reciever.
Has been nothing but steller in the block department.
Has been the rider best offensive weapon for the last 5 weeks.

I would love to see CH on the riders, but he will again be the number two back. Or perhaps just KKs backup with Bracey giving a power back in the split back set

I know he's been stellar as of late. But until recently (past 5 or so weeks) he has been a head-case off the field.. - I believe that with a return of Corey he would want to step it up even further.

Wow, i sure hope this is true, that would be SWEEEEEEET!!

I remember after hamilton played their first game, in the first half when they would zoom the camera in on his face you could see there was a saskatchewan roughrider logo on the front of his mouthguard, i always thought he wanted back, and after he got traded he went on sportsline and was asked would you ever come back to sask. and he said if you guys want me back in sask. i'd love to come back man

and by the way, that shotgun two back set with keith and bracey, i think holmes should be put in bracey's spot on that if he comes back, the d wouldn't know which way to go

but they would know that it isnt between the tackles.

Unless I'm completely wrong, Holmes is a free agent after this season, so no trading would be required to pick him up.....

With Tillman in charge, the off-field stuff may weigh more than in had in the past, which would mean Keith would have to pick up that part of his game... however, on-field there's little more he could do as of late.

Even if we wanted to trade for Holmes We can't. The league rules state that you can not trade for a player that you traded away in the same year.

now that i see that the [i]Riders[/i] are interested in Holmes, it makes me wonder if the rules only applies during the season not before the season :? BRING CORY HOME!!

We didn't trade holmes away for a player though. He was traded for a Draft Pick. I wonder if that makes a difference.

thats right!! i totaly forgot :oops: , so he can come back HOME!! :wink: :smiley:

Trading a player for a draft pick is a trade, BigGreenMachine.

At this late date, we would accept one them thar banjos
you guys are famous for, if the CFL would allow it.

YIKES someone sounds like there in last place!!! :lol:

it was a trade but it was for a draft pick, not a player so Cory might be comin home to a better team :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Trade Corey Grant Jason French and Charles Thomas to Hamilton for Corey Holmes (if his medical status checks out)and a first rount draft pick.

Looks like you guys might get your wish.

Well if we get him back, which would be great, I'd like him being a fulltime slotback over Armstead and move Armstead to WR with Dominguez. Keith remaining the number 1 tailback.

Bracey has been good so have him as Keith's backup and/or in on the odd play, but cut Dorsey he's fumbled way too often and that mental lapse almost giving Winnipeg the touchdown by mistaking a kickoff for a punt was too much.