Corey Holmes Released by Riders

Interesting story, perhaps he’ll consider another go in the black and gold :lol:

Relistically, I see him as either back as a rider (in smaller capacity) or as an argo.

i liked Corey, we just didn't utilize his talents. nice guy to.

We have 3 Good Backs no room for Him
Unless he a Slot back.

The big show by Sask taking Holmes back, didn't last long.

Im calling Argo's!

I think his best days are behind him.

This is what Desardones should have done.

What release him? Kinda did one better and traded him for something.

I don't think that Holmes will get the money that he wants anywhere really...I think pretty much all of the CFL teams have a number one RB right now and none of which Holmes can take over....IMO he will pretty much have to take a significant pay-cut to continue playing...and might even stay out west, say either Edmonton or back in Saskatchewan

Who's Montreal's RB now? I recall they had a pretty good one who replaced Edwards but cant recall his name.

is that sarcasm? cause if it is

If Corey is used properly he can be a great asset still with any team.

I'd like Corey back. He could do alot to solve our recievers problem. With a real offensive coordinator it ispossible that Corey's talents would be properly utilized. The problem is that we wouldn't be able to offer any more than Sask can ( the real reason Corey was released was his star salary for a special teams/backup role )

So Corey Holmes has been let go from Riderville.

Is it worth bringing up back to be strictly Special Teams? I wouldn't mind it


I wouldnt mind him back for special teams, maybe even sb (altho we do have alot of ppl in that position now).

Actually it would have been better cause then he would have saved 200k and then would have been able to keep Flick and Smith instead of trading them for nothing.

the move to release him was for cap room. instead of him playing out his contract, they release him, he asks to stay in SSK, and then resigns for a smaller contract of similar length.

Too bad for Corey

He left his heart with the Riders before he got to Hamilton and now they've stomped on it.

I'm sure someone will give him another chance though.