Corey Holmes = Only on special occasions

Dear Rider Nation,

It appears to me that Corey Holmes is not being used to his full potential. Coach Kent Austin has had a number of weeks to integrate Holmes into a starting role, but instead he has decided to use Holmes only on special occasions: Red Zone, Slotback alternate, Kick Returner.

I have come to two conclusions,

  1. Cates, Flick, and Fantuz are better than Holmes.


  1. Austin likes to keep a fresh weapon on the bench for special occasions.

What do you think?

The CFL's superfan,
Roger Connery

I’ll take #2 plaese, with maybe a touch of #1

#1...Holmes is alright in the red zone because he can make one guy miss and that is uaully all it takes. Anyone that think Holmes is a better reciever than Fantuz or Flick is completely out to lunch. For how little we run the ball, Cates is doing an outstanding job so no need to change that up and it doesn't hurt once in a while to throw in Holems as the alternate slotback. There is no way he will ever crack a starting 4 recieving core..He is doing what is asked of him and thats all he can do! Good job so far Corey. I just wish Alex Smith would be fired so we can get a real coach who has a decent blocking scheme in place for Corey and not the same "Ottawa Right" that he calls 99% of the time.

THe offensive unit as a whole is doing great but it would be nice to see some kind o Dual back Shotgun setting (especially now that Szarka has no thumb). With two weapons such as Holmes and Cates I am sure they could be quite a threat with the right kind of play calling.

Although I, like I said, the offence is doing fine so far without my suggestions.

Sounds like Cates is out this week. Foot injury. So it’s Holmes against Hamilton. I still don’t like that trade. Will be glad to be wrong. Very glad. Think Armstead may come back to haunt us this weekend. He will have a something to prove. We will see what happens.

I heard that Armstead wanted to leave...if he didn't want to be here, see ya later!


I'm curious. What will Holmes have to do to make you "be glad" and, hence, "be wrong"? I have trouble seeing how it has been bad trade to now but I can accept that others have higher standards than I might. Kinda wondering where detractors set the benchmark for this trade.