Corey Holmes on the "trade block"?

Desjardins said last night on CH that if they can't sign him they will consider trading him. I assume he meant before the end of the season.

Who would be interested? What would we need in return?

Your thoughts...

actually the trade deadline ends today.. so im wondering if we r all in for a suprise or not, if hes not traded today we got screwed and hes gone at the end of the aeason to free agency, lets hope som1 wants him for the playoffs today!

Why trade him he is a great overall palyer he has alot to contribute to the team.

yeh but we got hill back for special teams, also a great slotback, we have jesse ranek and davis for running backs, we r set and we could use help else were, hes just a cancer forus right now sure hs wicked but we have enough guys to do what he can at this point why not build on the future trade him for som1 we can use as of now and get em going for next season, i think its would be a smart move

If he is such a cancer then why did the HO "waste" money on him to bring him here. I would like to see him stay he has been a producer in a lack lustre season.

we dont need him though sure he makes big plays but one player wont win us game, as u can tell, we need help at other positions

There have been many games that Earl Winfield (Praise Be His Name) has won for us.

Same with Ozzy.

well he's been resigned 3 year deal Good move by our new GM

He was considering trading him then all the sudden he's the most exciting player in the CFL and a team leader in the locker room now that he's re-signed? I dunno, seems fishy to me.

agreed, somthings not right, what if we traded edmonton jason mass and corey holmes for ricky ray and maby tim baker back?

Why do you say things are not right?

The GM was showing that you can not fool around with your intentions.

With the trade deadline fast approaching our GM basically said that if you want to be a Tiger Cat for the next 3 years sign now. If not, we will deal your butt out of town immediately.
Take it or be gone.
I think that shows some strong leadership at the top.

Check out Coreys numbers. He is by far the best back that we have. Over 5 yards a carry through some horrible times. In Sask. he averaged over 6 a carry, and was a MVP. We have not even seen the best of Holmes yet!

Cancer??? He wants to win.
This is a guy to build around, and solidifies our RB position for 3 years.