Corey Holmes looked like the Rider

Corey Holmes looked the best I've seen him since he played for the Riders.
Very encouraging!

No offense intended at all to Hamilton but as a rider fan and big Holmes fan it's painful to see a talent like Holmes on a club that won't make the playoffs. Still haven't gotten over losing him to you guys in exchange for a less-than-good QB like Joseph T_T

Seriously hope this club can turn it around one of these years or else hopefully trade Holmes to a playoff contender. If only we had Maas and Holmes here in Saskatchewan with the rest of our current team...

If I was Tillman I'd get back on the phone with Hamilton and offer something like Joseph, Crandell, Armstead, Childs, and Cates in exchange for Maas and Holmes

Holmes, did look good.

He has his jump back.

He has to be utilized even more. Nice runs out of the backfield and recieving. I would like to see him run some deeper pass routes.

The more we go to Holmes, the more success we will have. Good work by these coaches noticing his talents.

You want Maas, I'd be willing to GIVE him to the Riders just to dump the salary. Don't want Joseph. I'll keep Holmes thankyou very much

I’ll take Joseph any day, a 1,000 yard rusher, 5,000 yard passer and throws 20 plus TDs every year!!!

The thing with Corey Holmes is he sat out the end of last season to rest an injury (I believe) resulting in him being a player again ,wise move by management and Corey!

I laughed last night when Walby was commenting that it was inexcusable not to play him at the end of the season last year ,but if he was injured (he was) it is dumb to play your future star in a lost season like the end of last year.
I wish Jason Mass had sat out the end of last season and maybe the start of this one to rest his wounds.We'd be a better team this year if he had!