Corey Holmes is that man.

I guess hes an unrider LOL.

welcome bomber fan......hate green .......arch rival......we beat you (riders) up next year with new coach and some free agents.

My brother is a Rider fan and my brother-in-law is a Bomber fan. They always go to the Labour day game together. They have fun doing that. LOL

don't SASK players have enough problems? [just joking] :wink: :lol: :smiley:

Well said Jaz! I agree that any one of the teams who are in the playoffs, could end up playing in the GC game. And I'm glad to see another female presence on this site. Some of the other ladies (??) here were mostly just busy trashing everybody else.


No Monkey you are one of the true good Rider fans on the site.

One thing I'm surprised no one has mentioned about Corey Holmes. He hasn't had a lot of touchdowns this season, but he has got one in each of the following: a rushing TD, a pass reception TD, a punt return TD, AND a kickoff return TD. Does anyone know if that's been done before? I would imagine Pinball may have, but I don't know.

Come to think of it Corey and Pinball have a lot in common - their size, their knack of getting great combined yards, they're both devout Christians and both lovable guys. Anyone disagree?

Thanks rw05, but I think you're just sayin' that cause I live here now, and pay your reduced taxes. :slight_smile:

I didn't realize that Holmes was devout, but if so good for him. I have nothing against people who embrace the religion they've chosen, but I really do not like people who try to ram their religions down my throat. I'm casually religious personally. :slight_smile: And so far, plan to keep it that way.

casually religious?? interesting term. sounds like a one night stand.

I prefer to think of it as I have my beliefs, but rarely go to a church setting to "re-affirm" them or anything like that. I don't mind going, just with my fiancee's schedule the past year, we couldn't make services at the church we would choose to attend.

Maybe like a re-curring one night stand then...... :slight_smile: