Corey Holmes is that man.

2 nominations. Thats impressive. Has anyone else ever had 2 nominations in the CFL awards? If yes, who was it and when?

Duuuu the man not that man. Id like to have his baby LOL

.....I really hope you're a girl.....othewise that's just wrong.....

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Yes, Im female. LOL

LMFFAO!!!!!! :lol:

it's possible! but it's not right! :shock:

Guess I should have made myself clear when I posted. LOL, I figure I know Im a woman, everyone else should too.

the world is a funny place, you never know these days.

We have never seen you before JAZ 1, it's very hard to tell who's who sex is.

You know that your a women, that's good, the frist step toward success is knowing that. Me? well I've still got a long way to go.

I'm a male, I think... that's what it said on my mail box.

j/k :lol:

LOL, I know, just kidding. Anyway, Like I said the other day, have been lurking for a while, just wondering why my poor little team is so hated on this forum. Had to ask.

JAZ - don't get everyone started. It's just calming down.


lol. I meant that in fun.

(did you ever hear that women appologise too much)

Jaz, all you have to do is show yourself to be a good fan, knowledgeable about the game and don't talk too much smack, and you're fine. It's when we get lumped in with the people that think the riders can do no wrong that it can turn ugly.

Then again, maybe all the posts that make fun of me get deleted before I see them, who knows? :slight_smile:

well said monkey.

My opinion, I think that as a whole Sask has a very good team this year. Excuse or not, they were plagued with injuries and that didnt help them. As for bad calls, I think that most games have a couple of bad calls that go either way, its just we (all of us, not just Rider fans) only notice when the bad calls (or questionable calls) go against us. Thats just the nature of the beast. But saying the team sucks is not true. I think the majority of the teams this year were very good (or at least close to the same calibre) I think that it is entirely possible for any of the 6 remaining teams to be in the grey cup. They are all pretty even.

I agree with you on the team jaz, they're not too bad, 'cept maybe short a Really good QB.... I think it's the playcalling that kills us for the most part. If we have some different looks, we just might surprise a lot of people on sunday.... if we play the way we have most of the year.... not likely.

Thanks Lionbacker.

and Marlo Thomas is That Girl........ comeback today.....