Corey Holmes being shopped around

Several stories today (links below) in the National Post and Edmonton Journal are about Corey Holmes being shopped around for a trade before the Tuesday deadline.
And then there’s this cute quote from the National Post story:
“Terry Vaughn says he's never before heard creative and cutting insults quite like the ones that spew from the stands at Ivor Wynne Stadium towards the Tiger-Cats bench?.

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This from the network that only cares about the NFL.

8) Very very interesting, thanks a lot for those links !!! Could it be that Holmes has been put on the injury list for this game for the express purpose that he does not get injured in this game, therby making him healthy and available for a trade before Tuesday ??? With the comments from Desjardins regarding the remote possibility if any of resigning Holmes for next year, this sure looks to be the case !!! By the looks of things I would expect a trade to be made before next Tuesday !!!!!

We need to dump Holmes, we just have to darn much talent on this team. :lol: Maybe for a third rounder.

If we trade Holmes, we better get two impact starters for him.

chances of getting 2 impacy players isnt goin to happen :stuck_out_tongue: Cory is a free agent at the end of this season, so any team he goes to in this season, doesnt mean he will be there next season!! Just be happy who u get, other wise he goes at the end of the season and u get 0 :cowboy:

Thanks, Castaway, for the links to the articles about Corey Holmes in the National Post and the Edmonton Journal.

My first choice would be to see Corey Holmes sign a two or three year contract with the Ticats. However, if the story in the Edmonton Journal is correct that the Ticats are not prepared to meet Corey Holmes' request for in excess of $200,000 per season on his next contract, then it looks as though Holmes will be either a Calgary Stampeder, an Edmonton Eskimo or a Saskatchewan Roughrider by next Tuesday.

A good point is raised by ticatsackattack about requesting two impact starters in return for Holmes. Specifically, a starting offensive lineman and a starting wide receiver would be helpful. But it would be surprising to see Calgary, Edmonton or Saskatchewan giving up two impact starters when they are in the thick of a playoff race. One starter, one draft choice and one player from their negotiation list might be the best the Ticats can get in this "fire sale".

Even without the salary cap, can any team afford to pay him in excess of $200,000.00?

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The second problem, or challenge, is that Holmes is eligible for free agency in February. He's asking in excess of $200,000 a year in the first season of the CFL's salary cap era.

Not sure of the answer to that one, especially after the way CH has been (mis)used this year.

We'll be lucky to get a future prospect ,a solid young Cdn who will someday be a solid starter.
We'll be fortunate to get that and I'd make that deal.

Who gets over 200,000 now.

Roberts is making near 125gs I think and that was what Davis wanted when we got rid of him.

I can't think of one player who is not a QB who is worth 200,000

If they trade Holmes,it will be a mistake.He's the only one who has done anything this year...

trade holmes for an o-lineman or a linebacker...we are going to lose this guy eventually and it will be for nothing so we might as well trade him now and get something in return...we are going to get screwed if there is a trade because no one is going to give up a big name for him when they can just get him after the season so stock up on players now and take them all to camp next year! We DO NOT want to lose him for nothing! its pretty clear that he does not want to play here so the best thing to do in the cats interest is to trade him for people who want to be here...

BigGreenMachine, Holmes will be traded for a lot more in a trade than you speculate.

Consider that adding him can turn an already powerful playoff team into an even better offensive and special teams squad automatically, and Holmes' value is much higher than you think.

Remember, teams wanting to aquire Holmes aren't thinking he may walk on them next year. They're thinking about who they can add NOW to get the Grey Cup NOW.

Why does everyone want us to let the talent go elsewhere. Its time we payed the players with talent and kept them here. Eventually we would have a winner

The Cats don’t really have any choice to but to trade him. He is a free agent in 5 games. If this team didn’t suck he might have considered staying, but now more than ever with the signing of Lumsden and Ranek as his backup, Holmes would be lucky to ever see a ball again. Why not trade him to a Calgary for a decent receiver or offensive lineman. Somebody making the playoffs would definately love to have a quality running back or back up running back.

this makes me so angry...holmes, when given the ball, has been the only offensive bright spot this year...just imagine what he'd do if we actually got our act together!

Dont get me wrong I like hometown boy jesse lumsden, but I would MUCH rather have corey holmes on my team than lumsden.

What a waste...we might as well have taken kerry joseph in the draft and got a decent QB.

Now, if he goes back to sask, they have kj and corey.
very very angry about this.

Would be a little less steamed if we actually got something worthwhile for him, but I just dont see that happening (since teams know we're desparate, and holmes will probably be bolting at the end of the season anyways when teams can get him for nothing)

Trade him to calgary for DMAC. Maas sill has not had a big game for us he needs some one to help him