Corey Holmes at Slotback?

With the Cats mostly using Lumsden at HB and knowing that at the moment we have no deep threats, why not try Corey Holmes @ Slot? He can easily outrun most Defensive HB's and has proven that he's got hands. The way things are going this far, would it hurt to try this little experiment?

i agree with you

i have been saying all season long and all of last season that we need to UTILIZE HOLMES MORE!

Its obvious holmes is it his most valuable to this team sitting on the bench. That way he doesnt get tired or hurt.

he would make a good slot that goes across the middle and then get some yac yards that is a good idea if u got holmes on the short passes and ralph on the verticle passes

He could also get his head taken off on a crossing route. Wait a minute - this is FOOTBALL.

Amerson and Crawford mad their careers out of this crossing route, and making the transition from RB to SB (Russ, I'm sure you'll correct me if I'm wrong :wink: lol). This guy needs at least 20-30 touches a game.

I agree Holmes is our biggest weapon we can use him in a number of ways. Out of the backfield, in the slot, returning kicks/punts. If you mix it up and use a combination of those things he can get his 20-30 touches. Please more Corey Holmes!!!!

You're bang on, sig!

Johnny Shepherd's arrival in 1983 thrust that change upon Rufus. Archie was another RB who successfully made the transition.

Corey has played slotback at a very high level in this league. There is no excuse given the state of the receiving corps right now that Corey isn't being utilized in the slot A LOT.

Oski Wee Wee,