I say a 3 running back back field this year agility of Corey mixed with the power of Lumsden we wont need a qb


LMFAO it would be cool to watch but would not work in this league

Maybe Holmes and Lumsden in the backfield and play Radelin less. Lumsden is big enough to play FB and dangerous enough to be a concern to defenses from that position. Julian hasn’t shown much in his years here in my opinion. Sure, he is a great blocker but he is not a lineman. At sometime he needs to produce when the ball is in his hands.
Holmes should never come off the field. RB, SB, WR, QB or Guard—I don’t care where he plays but play him ALL GAME! One of the most painful sights last year was sitting and watching the Cats lose again without generating any offense while Holmes sat on the bench.

i say we just convert jason maas to running back, put jonta woodard in as the number 1 at QB, have george hudson and pascal cheron playing at the wideoout position, thats a force to be wreckin with!!

what do u guys think!

Great idea Blitz! Why NOT start 12 O-linemen? Think about it - VERY hard to tackle, and they will use up a LOT of possession time (about 15 mins per drive)... lol

I like to champion the little guy. I say NO offensive lineman. 12 backs. Nobody will be able to keep up with us.

A true 3 QB system- we could use last year's playbook and have them tossing the ball horizontally from sideline to sideline. They rotate each play- one taking the snap and the other 2 at wideout.

Yes the air has been very smoggy here in Hamilton lately!LMAO